YouTube has temporarily shut down James Charles’ ability to earn through his videos in the midst of sexual misconduct allegations being thrown against him.

YouTube confirmed Monday that a number of underage fans have spoken up alleging the 21-year-old beauty guru of predatory behavior, prompting the video-sharing platform to demonetize James Charles’ channel, which, as of writing, has a staggering 25.5 million subscribers. The said accusers have posted screenshots of their alleged conversation with Charles, which show him flirting with underage boys.

The company explained that James Charles has violated its creator responsibility policy, causing him to be temporarily removed from the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). The partnership program enables YouTube content creators to earn revenue from ads on their content.

Meanwhile, Morphe, a known sponsor of Charles, has also decided to cut ties with the vlogger amidst the allegations. Taking to Twitter, the cosmetics giant said, “In light of the recent allegations against James Charles, Morphe and James have agreed to end our business relationship and wind down sales of the Morphe x James Charles product offering.”

While he has yet to speak up about the demonetization, Charles has already issued a statement addressing his being dropped by Morphe. Read his full statement below.

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