The snatched outfits, beat-for-the-gods make up work, and spot on lipsyncing. Gahh! Is there anything that these queens cannot do? The Filipino drag community is making noise and continuously taking over the Philippine scene.

Yaaaas queen! You’ve probably heard this expression before, but do you know where it came from? This expression was coined by the beautiful people of the drag community. The vibrant and energetic world of drag queens has been taking the world by a storm and that does not exclude our beloved country.

So do you want to know how Filipino drag community started in the Philippines and where they are now? If yes, then keep on reading!

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How did it all start?

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Did you know that Filipino drag culture goes as far as the 1500s? We knoooow! Crazy right?

Apparently, the babaylans respected and acknowledged the existence of men that are ambiguous or lady-like. But our colonizers found this act barbaric and threatening so they’ve disposed of it. Harsh, but true.

But the legacy of the first few brave gay cross-dressers had their cross-dressing photos exhibited in different theatres such as Crisopulo “Pulong” Luna’s images in baro’t saya and kimonos.

Later on, having the westernized culture rub on us, the gay community continues to flourish only for its members to be persecuted, raped and killed by our Japanese colonizers.

Around the 60s, the Filipino drag community was then given a voice through movies like ‘Ang Tatay Kong Nanay Ko’ where the Comedy King, Dolphy Quizon, starred in and through national gay pageants.

The 2000’s kicked in and drag was recognized solely as a form of comedic entertainment.

To this day, the Filipino drag community continuously fight through the adversities and manages to make it mainstream as a form of art. A form of art that is boundless, which make it extraordinary!p

Ru Paul’s Drag Race and Filipino drag queens

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Ru Paul’s Drag Race is an American reality show showcasing drag queens and their amazing talents in fashion, art, and entertainment. It debuted in 2009 and it got crazy from there.

Fanatics of the show expressed their love and support for the LGBTQ community and it became a phenomenal platform to increase awareness of these extraordinary queens!

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A couple of years passed and Filipino drag queens star join the competition. Of course, the slew and contributed to Filipino pride!

To name some them, they were: Manila Luzon, PhiPhi Ohara, Jiggly Caliente, Ongina, and Vivienne Pinay.

Filipino Drag Community today

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Just like what we’ve mentioned, Filipino Drag Community never ceased to stun those who love them and those who do not like them. Shows in different establishments in the Philippines such as Nectar, 20:20, Klownz, Zirkoh, and O bar.

We salute these brave and talented individuals and we can’t wait to see what else their community has under their sleeves! Continue to slaaaaay queens, we support you completely!

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