BEAUTY: Couchwasabi is no Couch Potato

Diving into beauty with Couchwasabi. We had an exclusive interview with this wonderful human, Jirbie Go, who is the lady behind Couchwasabi. Get to know more about this awesome beauty blogger.

The beauty industry has come a long way! And its thrive came with more opportunities for its patrons! Beauty bloggers are now all over the internet and I was blessed enough to interview one of the biggest in the country, Couchwasabi!

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Who is Couchwasabi?

The person behind Couchwasabi is the quirky and beautiful, Jirbie Go. She is a De La Salle University-Manila Graduate with a degree in Advertising Management. Alongside beauty blogging on her website, she also films videos and posts them on Youtube under the handle Couchwasabi.

You may say that blogging and vlogging is already a handful but this beaut must be related to Diana Prince because she does more than that! She also conducts monthly workshops on aromatherapy because she’s a certified aromatherapist trained from New York Institute of Aromatic Studies. She and her sister also co-manages their company Caticorn Dreams which is a small-batch vegan bath desserts company. Aside from that they also sell Lush-quality shampoo bars. Her work ethic and drive are very much admirable.

Jirbie and Beauty Blogging

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As per Jirbie, she was a late bloomer in the beauty scene. When she was given the chance to handle the mineral makeup brand Virginia Olsen, she enrolled herself in makeup classes to learn techniques and terminologies in the makeup world and from there she practiced.

She started beauty blogging back in September 2008. She said that writing was pretty much second nature to her and that she loves sharing her ideas and knowledge. Being naturally madaldal and her new found love in beauty, it’s not a surprise that she got into beauty blogging.

Just like most beauty enthusiasts, the LaSallian has her own inspiration in terms of makeup. She adores Dior, Charlotte Tilbury, and Chanel and would rather enhance features than an overall transformation of a look.

When asked about her go-to makeup look when attending events and parties, she answered full glam. Kick-ass cat’s eye is the key but if the event is more relaxed and casual she just goes for that classic Charlotte Tilbury red lip with Dior gloss to top it off. Also, she mentioned that highlight is vital every time she leaves the house (can I get an ‘Amen’?).

Aside from makeup she also enjoys talking about skin care products and devices in her blog and vlog channel.

Beauty Blogging Experience

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Jirbie shared her experience as a beauty blogger and explains that her key in all of her endeavors is to make sure she has a good foundation or education. Being prepared when planning to pursue something is crucial for her, that is why when she was exposed to makeup, she studied it. She enrolled in CDIM to learn Digital Marketing before starting her Youtube career. Before she started conducting essential oil workshops she studied in NYiAS to become a certified aromatherapist.

The entrepreneurial genius expressed the importance of unceasing learning and consistent honing of skills which she applies when she blogs/vlogs about beauty.

Overall, her experience has been amazing and meeting new people with the same interest gives it more value to her.

Fun Facts about Couchwasabi

Jirbie is more than a beauty blogger—she also has 20 cats (let that sink in for a bit). Yes, that is correct! With all the things that are keeping her busy, she still makes time to care for 20 adorable felines (told you she’s related to Diana Prince). Other than that, she can speak multiple languages (at this point, I feel like she IS Diana Prince). She took up Spanish when she was in college as an elective. Lastly, she had a career in Marketing, handling international makeup brand, holding a regional role (Asia Pacific) before going full time vlogging.

When asked what would she be doing if she wasn’t beauty blogging she answered,

Either I’ll be a Regional Brand Manager or I’m pursuing my entrepreneurial skills? But then again, right now it seems that I just traded up my corporate life experience to be my own boss so I’m not complaining!


Advice for Aspiring Beauty Bloggers

As the beauty blogging world is thriving, many aspire to be part of it. Being successful in the field, we asked if she has any advice for the aspiring beauty bloggers and she responded with this,

Don’t be in it for the free loot. Being a ‘beauty blogger’ or ‘YouTuber’ won’t pay your bills so always have a backup plan. Hone your skills, focus on what you’re good at, and money will come after.

And to that, I say “yaaaas, queen!”

Couchwasabi is definitely not a couch potato. It is inspiring how she handles everything in her plate like a pro. I feel extremely happy for her fans for they have an amazing woman to look up to. Kudos, Jirbie! More power to you!

If you want to check out more from Ms. Jirbie Go here are her platforms!


Youtube Channel: Couchwasabi

Instagram: @couchwasabi

Facebook Page: Couchwasabi

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