Hangnails and dry cuticles? NOPE! Here’s a list of best nail places you need to try to keep your hands looking pretty and fresh!

Is having freshly manicured nails a must for you? (I mean, is that not a thing for everyone?). Do you love having me times? Yes? Well then, check out these best nail places you need to try for your pamper sesh!

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1. St. Nails

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Looking pretty with a cause! St. Nails is a super cozy gem in Makati City. The aesthetic of their interiors is very relaxing: dim lights, plush chairs, and nicely decorated walls and floors. It is definitely a “me time” destination!

Aside from making their patrons feel pretty, they are also passionate about giving back to the community. A percentage of their sales goes to their partner charities!

To give you an idea of their price range, their manicure is Php 550.00.

2. I Do Nails

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This adorable nail salon is a testimony for success. I Do Nails started as a home nail service then grew to multiple branch salon. They have great service, the staffs are very accommodating, and their prices are affordable. So grab your friends and/or family and get pampered for less!

To give you an idea of their price range, their mani-pedi is Php 500.00 and they have branches in Quezon City, Pasig, and Taguig.

3. Nail Tropics

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Step into one of Nail Tropics branches and you will instantly feel refreshed. Their salons’ interior designs are divine and calming. Their aim is to have their clients forget about their worries and focus on serenity in their life. Nail Tropics promises a mini vacation in a beautiful oasis that is affordable and will leave you feeling amazing.

To give you an idea of their price range, their manicure is Php 185.00 and they have branches all over Metro Manila. Check out the list of their shops on their website here!

4. Tips ‘N Toes

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In the business for almost 25 years, Tips ‘N Toes is consistent in providing only the best services and products. Their nail technicians are very professional, their pieces of equipment are up-to-date and they use the same technology used in Hollywood salons.

Indulge yourself Hollywood style at the Tips N Toes branch near you! Their mani-pedi price is Php 530.00. Check out their branches and services on their website here!

5. Posh Nails

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Would you like a coffee feet day or a citrus hand afternoon? Posh Nails is the pioneer in offering themed nail services. These themes change every day making it exciting for their patrons. They have well-trained staff and their services are remarkable.

The interiors of their branches are every girly-girl’s dream bedroom design! Comfy couches, cute throw pillows, beaded curtains, and adorable knick-knacks all in pink, lilac, and white.

To give you an idea of their price range, their manicure is Php 190.00. Check out the branches near you right here and have a very girly me time!

You are all working your hardest every day, I hope you don’t forget to pamper yourself every now and then. Hopefully, this list of Best Nail Places You Need to Try was helpful for you. Share with us other awesome nail spots and/or show us your bomb nails! Leave them all down the comment section below or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.