Life would be better if we lived like Phil Dunphy!

Phil Dunphy is one of the lovable characters from the show Modern Family. Who could forget the fun, kind, and loving dad of the Dunphy household? I think we all can agree that Modern Family is definitely part of the list when it comes to the best TV shows. The story, the characters, and the show have set some great standards when it comes to family TV.

Like any other show, there are tons of life lessons that we can get from the show. But today, I want us to look specifically at Vitamin P, Phil Dunphy, one of the most positive, kind, and probably one of the best fathers in the realm of family TV.  I believe that if we become a little like Phil, the world would be a better place. He is a great example of what a modern man should be like. And of course, this isn’t solely for men out there, this is for everyone! So here are some traits that we should follow and live with, like Phil Dunphy!

Know when to stand up for yourself

Have you ever experienced being pushed to your limits but you let the other person get off the hook? Well, there are times that it’s fine, but you should also know when to say enough. Phil is known to be a lovable and kind dude. But when it is time to make a stand, he does. And we too should also know when to stand when people are treating us in a bad way. We should know when to say enough is enough. I know sometimes it’s just easier to ignore the people who treat us in a bad way. Because why would we waste our time thinking about those people. But we should learn to stand up and tell them to shove it up somewhere and tell them, enough.


Don’t stop ‘till you succeed

I know that there are a lot of times that it’s easier to quit. It’s easier to let go when you just don’t know what to do. If we easily quit on things when things get hard. But we should always try to push ourselves to our limits and succeed. Always aim higher and never settle. I don’t what this is for you, it may be a business that hasn’t found its rhythm yet, or you learning something new but you just can’t seem to make it work. I don’t know, but all I know is that never stop. Don’t stop until you reach the top of the mountain! Just keep going!


Don’t be afraid to express yourself!

Vitamin P never let anything hold him when it comes to his emotion. When he is happy he shows it, when he is sad he says it, when he is scared, he lets Claire know. I know for some of us dudes, it’s hard to express ourselves for we have been accustomed by culture to act tough and be strong. But sometimes everything is better if we just express what we feel. So what if you want to cry because you’re hurt or if you want to scream because you’re scared as hell to do something, express yourself! Don’t let other’s opinions hinder you from expressing yourself.


Always look for the fun

I know for some of us dudes, we tend to do things half-heartedly especially if it is a chore or a responsibility. But what we could learn from Phil is to look for the fun in doing those things. In everything that Phil does, he always tries to look for the fun in it and we should too! Things will be a lot better if we try to do things with fun. I know there are certain situations in life that we should take things seriously, but there are also things in life that we should not make it hard for ourselves. May it be doing a task or washing dishes or accomplishing something, do it with enthusiasm, and find the fun in what you are doing. Maybe dance a little while washing those dishes or maybe type that essay as if you are in a race. Don’t complicate your life by taking everything seriously, sometimes fun is all we need to thrive!


When life gives you lemonade, make lemons

Of course, we can’t end this article without talking about Phil’s-osophy. It’s a bunch of life lessons written by Phil that apparently we should live by. While some make sense, others are for comedic purposes. And this is definitely one of the things that make sense. When life turns out the other way and it’s getting you down, stand up and take charge. Make something good out of what life brings you even if it is not what you hoped for. When life gives you something else, go make something out of it, and life will all be like what? I’m not really sure though if this is what Phil meant, but I guess it makes sense in a way, right? So go make lemons while life gives you lemonade!


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