Do you dread that interrogation session you have with some relatives at family reunions? Same. So here are awesome comebacks during family reunions!

Ahhh, family reunions. A lot of those are happening during this season. And as much as we’d love to catch up with our favorite cousins, you know that there are those relatives that you just don’t want to see cause they’ll just put you in a hot seat.

But hey, if hiding behind the Christmas tree did not work and found yourself in the spot, we have for you awesome comebacks during family reunions.

Did you gain some weight?

To a lot of people, body weight can be a sensitive topic. It is not something you just throw out there especially in the middle of a crowd.

So if one of your insensitive relatives asks you “Did you gain some weight?”, do not fret because you can always reply to them with “Probably, but I’m trying my best to stay healthy. How about you? Did you gain some sensitivity?”

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Meme Guy

There are two versions of this and we’d like to tackle both of them for you.

If you’re single for a long time and your nosy aunt or uncle threw a “Why is it that you still don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend?” ball at you, you can be polite and reply with “I haven’t met the right one” or you can say “I would rather stay single than be divorced like you” or “Nobody thinks I’m attractive enough. Probably because we have the same bloodline” OOPS!

If you’re newly single and your uncle asked you “Did you and (ex‘s name) break up? Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend?” Look him in the eye and say “If you find the place where the hair you lost from the top of your head is at, you’ll probably find him/her there too.”

How’s school?

To our friends who are still studying, we get it, school can be tough. And whenever we get to spend time away from it, the last thing you want is to talk about it!

So when asked about how school is doing you can say, “Well, I only broke down 4 times last week which is a huge improvement compared to the weeks before that. So yeah, I’m doing pretty awesome” or “It’s still there, but it won’t be there anymore once I burn it down with your burning passion to depress me”.

Why is your dress short?

Filipinos can be very traditional, especially those from an older generation. Sadly, some of them can never catch up with the culture of the new generation and judges us for something they don’t understand. In this case, fashion sense difference is an issue.

So if your self-righteous tita decided to ask you why your dress is short and tell you how people would think that you’re a h**, you can respond with “Just trying to represent the amount of time you have before you’re at an age that’s no longer deemed acceptable to have a boyfriend” or if she’s married you can say, “Oh I saw you wearing this when you were with your husband at the mall the other night. Oh wait. That wasn’t you?”. LOL!

When are you getting married?

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Some relatives just couldn’t wait for you to get married for some reason. Or maybe they just want to know if your relationship with your bf/gf is still going well. We’ll never know but if you’re tired of relatives always asking you this question, you can reply with “I don’t know if he/she would want to be part of this family yet. Cause even I don’t think I still want to be part of it.”

Please do not be offended with any of the remarks written in this article. This is for comedic purposes only. We understand the stress that comes with family reunions and we just want to make things light before you throw yourself out to a pack of wolves. Just kidding!

You will never know what another is going through so always remember to be nice to everyone and be more sensitive.

We hope you enjoyed our article Awesome Comebacks During Family Reunions! And we hope you survived all your family reunions this holiday season. If you wish to add something to the list or just want to rant, the comment section is all yours! Also, don’t forget to follow us and connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @udoublog.