Are you an aspiring photographer may it be as a hobby or as a profession?

Photography is one of the most accessible art forms. We can take photos at an instant with the help of the fast-developing camera technologies equipped in our smartphones. And if you are fond of taking photos using your phone, there is a big possibility that you might invest in buying a camera and try out being a photographer.

With the help of the internet, there are numerous reading materials out there that you can look for that can help you in developing your skill as a photographer. But if you are more of a visual learner, the first thing to do is go to YouTube and search for photography tips. But there are many videos and channels which one should I choose? That’s a good question.

So we rounded up some YouTuber’s out there that produce good content about photography and some photographers that might suit your ideal style of photography and inspire you in developing your skill as a photographer.

So check this list of YouTuber’s to follow if you are an aspiring photographer! 

The Art of Photography

Ted Forbes’ The Art of Photography is a must channel to check out if you are starting out. He’s content consists of fundamentals in photography, tips and tricks, camera and gear reviews which can help you in deciding what gear to buy, editing tips using Lightroom, and he also does feature videos about other photographers which can help you broaden your inspiration pool.



Cooperative of Photography or COOPH is a great channel if you are looking for a channel that focuses on tips and tricks. Their content is solely focused on tips and tricks and DIY hacks for photography. There content also varies from cameras to smartphone photography tips and is definitely worth checking out.


Jessica Kobeissi

Jessica Kobeissi is one of the most entertaining photography channels out there. Her content consists of photography challenges such as photographers shoot the same models, ugly location challenges, taking photos of strangers, and taking photos with cheap cameras. She also does tips on how to work with models, editing, and retouching tips in Photoshop and Lightroom. Definitely, a channel that you should check out!


Samuel Elkins

Samuel Elkins is a commercial and lifestyle photographer. If you’re into warm outdoor portrait and landscape photography definitely worth checking him out. His content is focused on travel photography, using natural light for portrait shots, camera reviews, and film photography.


William Verbeeck

If you are a film photographer or planning to give film a try, definitely check out William Verbeeck’s channel! His channel is focused on creating content about film photography. He makes film photography tips and tricks, film portrait photography, and gear reviews related to the art of film photography.  


Peter Mckinnon

Peter Mckinnon is a landscape photographer and filmmaker. His channel is a mix of photography and cinematography contents that will surely give you a good time with his positive personality. He also gives photo editing tips using Photoshop and Lightroom, and video editing tips using Premiere Pro. He also makes some photo and video challenges for his followers to practice their creative muscles. So if you are looking for an all-around channel to check out, definitely check out his channel!


Dominic Dimagmaliw

If you are into streetwear and urban portrait photography, Dominic Dimagmaliw is definitely a photographer you should check out! Dominic is a freelance photographer who has worked with some well-known brands. His channel is focused on tips and tricks, photography look books, editing tips of photos with urban tones and filled with aesthetic street and tech wear portrait photography which will definitely tickle your aesthetic eye.


Brandon Woelfel

Of course, who doesn’t know Brandon Woelfel right? Have you seen a photo that uses fairy lights and bright neon colors? Yup, he is that Brandon. He is known for his dreamy festive neon themed aesthetic as a photographer. His content is focused on behind the scenes of his photoshoots, photography tips with regards to his style, and some photo challenges as well!

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