Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any freakier.

In a year bombarded by overwhelmingly bad incidents after another, we’ve almost grown immune towards the shock when presented with new disasters. We thought we’ve had our fill of scary and unusual. Still, that did not prevent us from going, “What the heck?” when a video of a freaking ostrich running loose in a subdivision in Quezon City made rounds online.

Multiple footages coming from different people encountering the massive flightless bird circulated on the internet. #Ostrich was one of the top trending topics on Twitter. #Jumanji also trended as humans of the internet finally realized that yes, this year has been someone playing the notorious supernatural board game all along.

Rico Blanco, a prophet?

As absurd as this entire Ostrich phenomenon may seem, it looks like OPM icon Rico Blanco has known about it for a long time now. On Wednesday, August 5, the internet was shookt (again) when the rock legend shared his own surreal painting from 15 years ago, depicting an ostrich running on the streets of a city.


The post, which has over 46 thousand reactions as of this writing, has prompted netizens to ask: did this guy just predict the future? If so, can he also foretell if 2020 will finally give us our much-deserved break or we’ll go on suffering its absurdity until Metro Manila finally turns into a jungle?

Kidding aside, if you ever feel too overwhelmed by all that’s happening, Rico Blanco has released a song for you. Check out his latest solo, This Too Shall Pass’’, and get out of that downward spiral like how the QC ostrich freed itself from its owners.

How are you coping with the pandemic crisis?

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