They don’t just express themselves through their heaven-sent talents, they also do it through body art. We present to you the hottest tatted up Filipino artists male category!

The art of tattooing has been around since Neolithic times. It is used as a form of status symbol, decoration, even for medical purposes. It really depends on the culture of the place or the person who’s getting it.

Nowadays, it could mean anything really. Some just do it for art’s sake, marking a milestone in a person’s life, or for fun. We are very curious about the whole shebang and what it meant for certain people, to be specific our very own Filipino artists. So here’s a list of the hottest tatted up Filipino artists male category.

Jay Contreras

Jay Contreras is the frontman of the band Kamikazee. He is known to be all out in performances to the point that it’s sometimes scary. Most of his tattoos are Japanese inspired which coincides with the band’s name Kamikazee which is the Japanese word for a Japanese aircraft filled with explosives. One of his tattoos is an Oni mask covering his entire torso.

Jake Cuenca

Jake Cuenca is one of the most sought out actors in show business. His tattoos are representations of things that matter most to him like his family, career, and his origins. On his wrist is a phrase that reads “Be water, my friend”  which is a quote from the world-acclaimed martial artist, Bruce Lee. Cuenca explains that this applies to his career that he may flow and adapt like water to the roles that he’ll take. Another of his tattoos is a red Viva España tattoo because he is half Spanish.

Billy Crawford

Billy Crawford is a well-known Filipino artist all-over the world. ‘The Bright Lights’ hitmaker has his own share of body art. On his arm is a map of the Philippines over a sun with Alibata characters surrounding it, this is to remind him of his roots back when he was still based in the US.

Robin Padilla

Robin Padilla is one of the pillars of Filipino movies and television shows. The Prince of the Philippine Action Movies played the role of Joaquin Bordado back in 2008 which only fitting because he is actually tatted up in real life. One of his well-known tattoos is the “Sharon, I will die for you” phrase on his chest. This represents the time when he had a whirlwind relationship with the Mega Star, Sharon Cuneta.

As you may have noticed, these artists have their own reasons as to why they brave the pain of needles to have permanent markings on their body but they all have one thing in common, these body modifications, body arts, or whatever you may call it, are forms of expressions. Despite the negative depiction some may have for tattoos, respect is due to them just like every non-tatted people in the world.

What did you think about our list of Hottest Tatted Up Filipino Artists Male category? Did you drool over them? Kidding. Which set of tattoos did you like most? Are you planning to get one yourself? Let us know down the comment section below. You can also connect with us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh. Hope to hear from you soon!