It’s that time of year again! 31 days, 31 drawings! #Inktober2019 is officially upon us! The question is, are you ready for all the great art?

So for those of you who are not aware as to what #Inktober2019 is. It’s an annual event in the art community spearheaded by an actual account on Twitter. So every year they come up with a list of daily themes that artists will apply to their art for the whole month of October. And of course, since it’s called Inktober, artists are encouraged to use traditional mediums. And by traditional mediums, we mean pens, sharpies, and whatever as long as it uses ink! But digital artists also participate, and that’s okay. The more the merrier! So for all you art fans out there, are you ready to see all the great art yet? And for all you artists out there, get ready to flex those creative muscles. Because #inktober2019 is officially in full swing! So here’s some that we thought you’d appreciate from the first two days of #Inktober2019!


So for this year’s theme, they released this official list:

So without further ado, let’s get to showcasing some art! Here are some from Day 1 and 2 that we thought you’d all like!

Day 1: Ring

Day 2: Mindless

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Mindless, Why is a raven like a writing desk? #inktober #inktoberday2 #inktober2019 #madhatter

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Well, that’s all we’ve got for you today! Make sure to watch your favourite artists pages! Tomorrow’s theme is “Bait.” Now that should prove to be interesting. We can’t wait!

Are you one of the people who look out for Inktober every year? What do you think of the submissions for #Inktober2019 so far? We’d love to hear what you think! So share with us your thoughts in the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.