10 times ‘Tarantadong Kalbo’ Created Relatable Komiks

This artist brilliantly draws satirical comics on the everyday exasperation and life of Filipinos.

‘Tarantadong Kalbo’ has over 500 fun caricatures on his Facebook page that perfectly portrays a variety of topics many Filipinos can relate to. From reminiscing childhood memories to sharing quirky actions that mirror your experience.

Among his most popular however are web comics on the current political issues our country faces. The no-nonsense but humorous way he draws the latest government mishap is bound to give you a few laughs and slight relief from the stress the pressing issue brings.

The page is only a year old this month but it has already garnered over 55,000 likes and around 58,000 follows as of writing. This is proof that Kevin Eric Raymundo, the artist behind ‘Tarantadong Kalbo’ is creating content that many share the same sentiments with.

Below are 10 times ‘Tarantandong Kalbo’ either had us snickering, in stitches, or sentimental with relatable komiks:

1.) Getting Lost as a Kid

Remember that time your mom left you in a public area only to find her hiding so she can watch you cry? Yes, our moms were evil.

 2.) Having an Emotional Outlet

The pent up feelings you have bottled up inside you will all go down the drain. Whether it’s hanging out with friends, listening to music, or creating art, it’s good to have an activity that will help you release stress.

3.) Encouraging to Speak Up

With all the political turmoil happening in our country, this web comic is a reminder that staying silent is taking the side of the oppressor.

4.) When your Fave is for Dinner

Nothing cheers you up better than knowing your mom is cooking your favorite ulam. Where’s my Sinigang squad at?

5.) #SolusyongMedikalHindiMilitar

A sarcastic take on what happens if we focus solely on military efforts to combat a medical problem.

6.) Mom…

Shout out to all the moms out there who ask for favors but never know how to describe it well. Then at the end they’re the ones who are mad.

7.) Supporting Important Movements

#HijaAko: Rape is caused by rapists and not because of the victim’s clothing.

 8.) Calls out Hypocrites

You can’t preach on Black Lives Matter while supporting extrajudicial killings. *sips tea*

9.) Exposing how we Flirt

This 3-part comic strip is something most of us has experienced a version of one way or another.

10.) And Finally, Reminding us that we are trillions in debt. 🙂

Love the Twice reference but hate the glaring fact.

It’s true that during these trying times we find ourselves leaning towards art. ‘Tarantadong Kalbo’ is among the many artist who express their opinions through their craft and isn’t afraid to be political about it. Not only will you enjoy his witty content but you may also learn a thing or two about life and taking a stand.

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Go ahead and check out the Facebook page of ‘Tarantadong Kalbo’ and have fun browsing through his endless feed.

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