Are you ready for a karaoke feature on Spotify?

Unleash your inner Regine and Ogie with this cool add-on that might be launched on Spotify.

We love singing as much as we love listening to music, and Spotify might be indulging us in both areas of enjoyment soon. The music streaming giant is reportedly adding a karaoke feature on their platform, which just sounds dope especially for us, Filipinos, who were born with a microphone cord attached to us. That’s quite a disturbing metaphor but you get my point.

Called ‘Spotify Karaoke Mode,’ the news about this unreleased feature was first shared by renowned reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who has previously found out about Spotify’s video podcasts and virtual concerts.  On September 7, she took to Twitter and wrote, “Spotify is working on Karaoke Mode. The vocal level is adjustable.” Her tweet contains a screenshot of the add-on’s interface, which you can check out below.

As indicated in Jane’s screenshots, Spotify Karaoke Mode will allow users to get the lyrics of the song they’re playing. Also, once the mode is turned on, you will have the option to add or reduce the vocal of the artist singing the song.


Well, this isn’t exactly big news, because Spotify is no stranger to rolling out new and exciting features every now and then to ensure dynamic user experience. Also, while the facts we have so far are pretty convincing, it’s best to take this announcement with a grain of salt, as Spotify has yet to release any statement confirming it. One thing is for sure, though: when the karaoke mode finally turns into reality, a very music-loving nation like the Philippines will be the first one to get their hands on it.

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What do you think about Spotify Karaoke Mode?

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