Feeling the need to shake some things up in your life and change old habits?

Everyone has their own set of habits. Sometimes it’s a good habit, sometimes it’s not. But having more bad habits than good can cost you a lot in life. Habits help a lot in having a good and successful life. And if you are planning to change those bad habits in life, it is not too late! If you are on the verge of making changes in your life, consider these 7 habits that you should practice in life!

Learn new things

Learning never stops. This is one of the many mantras of people who succeed in life. And it is one of the important things in life that we should always remember: every day there is something new for us to learn. Plus, it has never been easier to acquire new information and knowledge nowadays thanks to the internet. So go do yourself a favor and make it a habit to learn something new and put it into action. As Ronald E. Osborn said,

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Practice a healthy regimen

If you have high ambitions in life, having a healthy body is a must. I don’t need to explain all the benefits of keeping yourself healthy because it was taught to us ever since we are kids, but with all that’s happening right now, it is a good reminder to take care of ourselves. Eat healthily, engage in physical activities, and practice a proper sleeping regimen. Taking care of yourself will benefit you in the long run. So practice a healthy lifestyle and turn it into a habit, my friend!

Surround yourself with the right people

Surrounding yourself with people whom you are comfortable with is different from surrounding yourself with the right people. We tend to stay with people even though they don’t have a positive effect on us. I’m not saying to cut those people out, but it is important to surround yourself with the right people because who we run with reflects with who we are. Surround yourself with who uplifts you when you are down. Surround yourself with people who can help you grow in life. Make it a habit to surround yourself with people who will help you to reach your goals in life.

Be grateful for simple things

Be thankful for the simple things in life! There was no traffic on your way to work? Be thankful. You were able to eat three times a day? Be thankful. You were able to open your eyes in the morning, be thankful! Appreciate the small things that you have or have been receiving in your life. Not all are given the same opportunity as you. So be thankful and appreciate the simple things that happen in your life!

Listen more

Listening is an important habit to practice right now with all the noise and distractions that occur in our life. Learn to listen. Always remember that life is not just about you. Listening has benefits such as a better flow of communication, gaining the trust of people that you care about, and helps a lot in building a relationship. I mean have you been in a relationship where no one listens and both parties talk? It ain’t gonna work. So make it a habit to listen more!


Don’t be a slob and free yourself from clutter! Being clutter-free does not only benefit your home but also has a benefit in your mental well-being. Don’t you get furious every time you see a pile of dirty dishes or stacks of old magazines and books on your desk? Having a clutter-free environment can help you have a clear mind and will be able to help you a lot in your mental health. So sort out those old junks of yours, and remove all the unnecessary things in your life!

Learn to take a pause

We live in a time that it is always about the grind. Give me a wall to tear down, I will tear down that wall kind of mindset. And there is nothing wrong with being about the grind but you also have to behave to learn to take a pause and make room for yourself to relax. If all you do is a grind, it can lead to burnout which leads to frustration. Know your pace and if you need to rest, go take that rest. There is nothing wrong with hitting that pause button. So make it a habit to take a breather every now and then.

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