Apple finally revealed on Tuesday, June 23, the latest version of its iPhone Operating System, or iOS 14.

Described as the “biggest updated ever to Home Screen pages,” the new operating system features interface-level changes including an app library and redesigned widgets.

The app library will reduce clutter on your screen, organizing your applications in one “easy-to-navigate” view.  The experience will be similar to having multiple folders on a home screen.

Image from Apple

The iOS update also comes with Picture-in-Picture (Pip) Support, allowing users to watch videos on top of their screen as shown below.

Image from Apple

The new iOS also brings a brand-new Siri, as shown below. Now, instead of occupying the entire screen, Siri will only be visible at the bottom part of your screen. More than that, Apple has upgraded the Siri experience for the users by adding a feature that allows them to send audio messages by recording from your device without having the open the Voice Memo app.

Image from Apple

Also, on Messages, users are now allowed to pin conversations on top of their messages list. There will also be new emoji stickers and 20 new hair and headwear styles of Memoji– or emojis users can create using their own facial expressions. You can also now add facemasks to your Memoji character.

The iOS 14 has also upgraded Apple Maps. From now on, cycling directions will also support elevation, street traffic, and stairs location. Charging stops with information on charger types will also be provided for users of electric vehicles.

Amazingly, the iOS 14 will be available for apple devices that are compatible with iOS13. This means that even models as old as iPhone 6 and ones as new as the iPhone (SE) 2020 can download the new OS update. 

What do you think about the iOS14?

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