LIFESTYLE: Alcoholic drinks that are not for the weak!

You could be a heavy drinker, but we doubt you’d be able to get through these drinks without passing out!

We Filipinos like to drink occasionally. It’s either that, or we find a reason to drink and celebrate. And if you’re up for a night of fun, you’d usually go for the light drinks. If you’re up for disaster, on the other hand, try these drinks. But beware, they are not for the weak!

Jägermeister (35%)

With 35 % alcohol content, this is the most mellow of these drinks, but it’s still not so mellow. If you’re going to drink this, do so when it’s chilled. Drinking it at room temperature is not so pleasant. The same goes for any alcoholic drink, I believe! This is not the best tasting too if you ask me. But if you’re one of the people who love this, I won’t be the one to stop the fun! Be careful about drinking this. Jägermeister is so strong, one review even said that it was like “the night train to oblivion”.

Jose Cuervo (40%)

Mmm, tequila! But what about one with 40 % alcohol content? Jose Cuervo is a party favorite. It’s a classic! Just like any of these drinks, be careful, though. This drink can be face numbing, sometimes you’d even see the room spin. Perfect with a slice of lime and some salt, Jose Cuervo gives you a night to remember… that you won’t even remember at all lol! Although it is very strong tasting, it drinks down very smoothly.

Absolut Vodka (40%)

Normal vodka is hard enough to drink. We have a knack for it, although it causes almost every one of us to get drunk in as little as a bottle when shared by a group. Absolut Vodka, however, is deceitful. Due to its clean coloring, you can mix this with any drink and it would go unnoticed. Mildly flavored with just a slightly bitter aftertaste, it goes down smooth and you’d be drunk before you know it.

Absinthe (44-74%)

With its cloudy green color and the side effects it had, Absinthe is the substance of nightmares! It used to have a tarnished reputation because of the side effects it had back in the days. Made from anise and wormwood among other ingredients, Absinthe was thought to cause hallucinations, convulsions, mental deterioration, and even psychosis! Some even claim to have seen green fairies after drinking Absinthe. Because of this, it was banned in a number of countries. I wouldn’t want to go crazy over a drink if I were you, but it was later discovered that the side effects were caused by a toxic chemical from the wormwood and not the drink itself, so it underwent a revival.

Today, you can find Absinthe in a lot of different brands being served with up to 74 % alcohol percentage. This alcoholic drink is so strong that you’ll absolutely need water and ice to cut down on the alcohol. Properly, it is served on special glass and a slotted spoon to allow the Absinthe to drip through an ice cube before you can drink it.

Bacardi 151 (75%)

We’re not playing when we said these liquors are not for the weak. Last in line, Bacardi 151. A nightmare. If you’re signing yourself up for a night of pain and bad decisions, this alcoholic drink is for you. We have several more drinks lined up but none of them could compare to Bacardi 151! It’s named after its alcohol proof level 151 and has a staggering 75 % alcohol content. You’d get drunk with several friends over normal rum having 30 to 35 % alcohol content, but a couple of shots of these would be enough to get you to sleep! Which is good, if you want to avoid drunk calling an ex. But not good if you’re the type to get drunk over a wine cooler.

Productions of the Bacardi 151 reportedly have stopped in 2016. But if you see some around, make sure you can handle it before you choose to drink it!

Other drinks

If you’re on a budget and you’re looking for the same effect, there are lots of local products you could try! Let’s look at Ginebra San Miguel Gin, or as we like to call it on the streets, “Gin-Bilog”. It is a very versatile drink that could be mixed with different types of juices. And we recommend you do! This alone could be a hard drink to swallow for its very strong taste.

Emperador Brandy is something to get you drunk, too, for sure, if that’s what you’re into. If you think about it, Emperador Brandy is a really good name for the liquor, although we like to call it “Empi”. You can pair the brandy with different types of juices or chasers, but we suggest having it with water. Just to dilute it, because it could be so strong and could have you drunk in no time otherwise. It also comes in a variation called “Hotshot”, which is an art of the devil, for sure.

Of course, who would forget about the “lambanog” or distilled palm liquor? It comes in fun flavors and colors. Although its image has been tarnished due to related deaths, you can still purchase them everywhere. It also has about 40 to 45 % alcohol volume for not even half the price.

So that’s it! You have been warned. It’s okay to drink in moderation, but you have to take things carefully and know your own alcohol tolerance. And never go for anything you know you can’t handle! Did we miss your favorite strong alcoholic drink?  Share us your thoughts on the comments down below! Or hit us up on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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