Social media is a wide-open world filled with trolls, bashers, and offensive memes.

That is why there are communities made for specific groups of people with shared interests and experiences– far from the noisy cesspool of your news feeds. If you look hard enough, you’ll get to join groups with strictly imposed rules and responsible admins, making them an ideal safe space for those who just wanna socially interact without the negativity.

Online Filipino Freelancers

If you’ve been spending some of your quarantine time seeking career growth, you may wanna check out the Facebook group called Online Filipino Freelancers. It’s an online community that aims to provide Pinoy freelancers a platform where they can voice out inquiries about the freelance industry, interact with fellow freelancers, and help one another strive in their respective fields.

You can post to ask for advice on certain freelancing matters, and members would gladly come by your side and offer help. You can also find job opportunities within the group. There are members who are looking for potential employees.

One great aspect of the group that a lot of members look forward to is the inspirational testimonies coming from people who succeeded in the freelance world. Many of these real-life stories–usually starting off with how the narrators decided to call it quits with their fulltime job– provide a detailed account of how they worked their way up, including the people and companies that have helped them, and the hurdles they encountered along the way, so what you’ll be reading is not simply a rags-to-riches, show-off story. They’ll tell you how they did it so you, too, could go out there and try.

Of course, it isn’t all serious and formality. While everyone in the group has agreed to keep things civil and professional, you will also find posts intended for the laughs. You’ll see hilarious rants about some aspects of freelancing, such as their relationship with their client, and the drama of working from home.

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