Whether you’re starting dorm-life or finally moving out of the family nest, this quick-tip guide to living alone will surely help!

Are you just about ready to start making a life of your own? Finally rented out that new apartment all on your own? Or are you leaving your hometown and starting dorm-life as a university student? Well, whatever the case may be, we’re here to help. So today we give you this quick-tip guide to living alone! Let’s get to it:

The essentials

So before you make the big move, make sure you have these essential items stocked and ready to go. A decent frying pan. We’re telling you now, you’ll be doing a lot of frying. And a decent frying pan is a good investment. Whether you’re just frying up eggs or cooking something more complex, a decent frying pan is needed. You’ll also need cleaning essentials. Just the basics: mop, broom, dustpan, etc. And as any person who has lived alone knows, you need at least two sets of bedsheets. So that when you toss that used one in the wash, you’ll have a fresh spare in the closet ready to use.

Develop a cleaning schedule

Living alone is hard enough, and it’s no fun coming home to a dirty apartment or dorm. So it’s extremely important to make and stick to a cleaning schedule. The most important chores to schedule every week is to replace your sheets, general sweep, wipe down surfaces, and to do your laundry. Just four things. But trust us, if you don’t develop and stick to a cleaning schedule—that pile of laundry will just get bigger and bigger until it’s a much bigger task that takes more time and effort to finish.

Know at least 1 recipe

The really big part of living alone, is learning to cook for yourself. We know the struggle, half the time you just wanna order takeout or just cook up some instant noodles. We’re telling you now, you’re gonna get sick of it fast. So it’s important to know at least one recipe to keep you fro being too homesick. Whether it’s Sinigang, Adobo, or Menudo. Whatever you want, but it’s important to know one recipe like the back of your hand. Also because it’s less expensive to cook rather than eat out. And who knows, maybe you can also impress that special someone when they come over.

This quick-tip guide only brushes up on the basics of what you’ll need when you decide to live alone. Living alone is great because you get to control your own space and have that much-needed quiet time we all deserve and need. But make no mistake that it’s also a big responsibility. So make sure you’re prepared when making the transition.

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