A Playlist To Get Your Mind Focused While Working

Whether you’re studying for an exam, managing spreadsheets, writing articles, or you just want to drown out the sound of your boss’ voice, we understand the need for you to stay focused. So to help you keep up your spirit we’ve compiled a playlist to help you boost your focus while working.

From Drum n’ Bass to IDM to Experimental Ambient Sounds, here are a couple of tracks that will help you get fired up and stay in line to get through your mundane draining work day.

Ultimate Care II Excerpt One – Matmos

This eclectic duo had been putting together sounds and styles from even the ridiculous sources like toilets (even before). This might be something that is sort of like unheard of —  You may hear many absolutely crazy sounds from beats created by smacking a washing machine, which forms the main percussion on this album, to water swishing inside the machine. Overall, this laundry-industrial music is peaceful and hypnotic, best to hear while dealing with a stressful situation.

Shellshock – Noisia ft. Foreign Beggars

IDM Drum n’ Bass is how Dutch trio Noisia would generally be described. This track quickly establishes a series of peaks and rushes, all growling synths and rubbery reverb before an aggressive drumbeat. If you want to take a sprint in the workplace, guess what? this is what you listen to.

Omgyjya Switch 7 – Aphex Twin

Ranging from whipcracking drum’n’bass to the most delicate, early 20th-century-style classical piano interlude, this is it.  Nothing but a pure signature Aphex Twin track. Sometimes it even makes you feel like you’re solving a disorderly puzzle or a rubix cube, but on that note – that’s the main point, it gets your mind working, it then helps you become more productive.

Mr. Frosty – Mike and Rich

If you’ve missed the album cover, Mike & Rich is Aphex Twin and µ-Ziq’s collaboration. Funky IDM mixed with 6th grade science show music — that is how I would describe this track. It’s all fun and upbeat while it makes you remember your good ol’ elementary years.

Black Origami – Jlin

A rhythmic mental workout is how I would describe Jlin’s music. This track explores earthy qualities in sync with complex footwork. This is the kind of music that can take you on a journey away from the monotonous work environment.