The best way to deal with the scorching heat of course is to cool down. Same goes with music, that’s just the relative dichotomy of things.

Here are some chill, shoe gazey, cool down music to drown out the MRT crowd and imagine yourself floating  in a cold windy beach in the moonlight.

Antarctic Handshake – Palms

Deftones’ Chino Moreno has a number of side-bands (Crosses, Team Sleep, Palms and Saudade). Palms’ overall mood is likened to when you’re in a cold windy LA beachside, waiting for the sun  to set. Thick ambient guitar delays and heavy reverb mixed with Chino’s signature cold wailing tone, this songs just makes you want to float away in the ocean and never deal with commuting in the Manila heat.

Nica Libres At Dusk – Ben Howard

After a 3 year layoff, Ben Howard finally releases a new single from his upcoming album “Noonday Dream” set to be released on June 1st. Ben is always experimenting with his sound which not only acknowledges his folk roots but also comes out as something that I would describe as “Post Ambient-Folk.” I find this track to be the most refreshing sound he’s released so far. It makes you feel as if you’re flying through the mountains away from Manila’s congested traffic.

I’m a Firefighter – Cigarettes After Sex

Known for their shoe gaze, ambient dream pop sound, with the undeniable Greg Gonzales’ sleepy vocals. Cigarettes, After Sex’s sound was made to make you feel like you’re high and floating in the sky. This song has such a melancholic and yet peaceful mood that you feel as if you’re drowning voluntarily.

Drive – Deftones

Putting their own spin to the classic song “Drive” originally by The Cars, Deftones adds their signature slow alternative sound that comes out as an essential track for going on road trips. So even when there’s actual traffic, with this song, you can imagine yourself driving freely in the clear fast lane, window down as you feel the cold breeze.

Daydreaming – Radiohead

Onto a more thought-provoking serious track, Radiohead gives us one of their most musically and emotionally arresting sound with “Daydreaming” from their 2016 album “A Moon Shaped Pool.” They have made the dehumanizing effects of technology their great theme in this album and this has been especially evident in this track. Nothing like a little self-reflection while dealing with how to survive whilst you are getting inside the over-crowded MRT in this third-world country where we long to escape our suffering in this fleeting moment that we call reality.