Let me start off with a disclaimer that not all Filipinos in the game are toxic, and not all toxic players are Filipinos.

But I’m sure all of us who play Among Us will agree that toxic Filipinos are the worst players to encounter, and I’m saying this with a kind of conviction as strong as someone who just saw someone get killed in front of them at the wide-open Cafeteria.

While Among Us premiered in 2018, the Innersloth-developed strategy multiplayer game only saw a surge in popularity a few months back. To be fair, it’s the Filipinos that are to be credited for the bandwagon, as much as they are the ones to blame.

In fact, there’s already a subreddit dedicated to the difficulties of being put alongside a conventionally toxic Filipino teammate, and most of the things you’ll see in it are rants and complaints coming from players who got called ‘bobo’ in-game for the most superficial reasons or were kicked out of a lobby for not speaking Tagalog in an English server. I mean, just imagine that: you see a place that clearly says you’re supposed to speak in this particular language, but you barge in, unable to speak the language, and you have the audacity to bully those who do. Who does that? Peenoise, clearly.

Just ignore.

There’s no better advice than not meeting fire with fire. Be the better one, because you are the better one. Ignore the unnecessary trash talking, play the game, and have fun!

Of course, it goes without saying that it’s easier said than done, and it’s definitely hard to act like you don’t care when a group of cancerous tumors is feasting upon you simply because you speaking in a different language gives them the impression that you’re an inferior being. This means that if they’re a bunch of cancerous tumors, they think you are a cockroach-breeding cancerous tumor jutting out of someone’s neck.

If playing the nice card, doesn’t work– which is the case most the time, then…


Just do it. For the sake of your sanity. Run away like how you did from your toxic ex, because the longer you’re with him, the longer you’ll suffer. After all, a terminal disease is almost impossible to cure, and you’re no surgeon. There’s no fixing this problem, yet.

Uninstall the game, occupy yourself with better things in life, like spreading awareness on charitable causes related to COVID-19. Until the developers (HELLO, INNERSLOTH?) finally heed our outcry to add in another server exclusively for non-English-speaking Filipinos, there’s no stopping the toxic Pinoys from turning the game environment into an unpleasant place at this point.

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How do you deal with toxic Filipinos in Among Us? 

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