6 Cool Online Philippine Radio Stations for Everyday Listening

Even with more choices to stream music today, some people still prefer good old-fashioned Philippine radio stations. The good news is that they are now also available online!

Online music has taken a whole other meaning thanks to Spotify and other streaming solutions. However, online radios still have their own niche that attracts people to listen to them.

Jam 88.3 FM

Calling itself as the real Alternative Music authority in the philippine radio, Jam 88.3 has made a name for itself both online and offline.  They even have their own music blog called “The Vein” that aims to spread good vibes and everything about alternative music.

Alternative music can cover pretty much every mood. Their show “That After School Special” can help you relax on afternoons as they play more alternative tracks.

Magic 89.9

Home of our very own Joyce Pring and their official hypeman Victor Pring, Magic 89.9 still remains as one of the country’s top radio stations. Besides listening via FM, you can even watch the DJs live via USTREAM on their official website.

One of my personal favorites from Magic is “Boys Night Out” which features the crazy (and probably controversial) antics of Sam YG, Slick Rick, and Tony Toni. Their show runs from 6pm until 10pm which pretty much covers most people’s commute time.

Monster RX 93.1

What I like about Monster RX is that they also support our independent artists. They even have their own Indie Ground campaign that aims to help local artists spread their talent and music to fellow Filipinos.

RX 93.1 also has its own Monster Scholar program. Talk about helping people out!

Their “The Daily Survey” show during the afternoon plays today’s top songs. It’s the perfect show for those who always want to keep updated with the trend.

99.5 Play FM

Play FM is the home of our very own DJ David Ardiente with his “Club Play” show, which has been running since 2004. His show runs from 9PM to 1AM every Friday.

Other good shows from Play FM include “Counting Sheep” when you really can’t sleep at night. It runs 12 midnight until 3:00 AM from Monday to Friday. They also have live streaming available at their website.

Mellow 94.7

As their name suggests, Mellow does have calming sounds most of the time. That doesn’t mean that they don’t play pop songs too though. In fact, they have their own Chooseday Tuesday that allows listeners to pitch requests even if the songs are not really mellow.

Mellow also has their “School of Jocks” segment every Sunday from 9:00AM to 11:00AM.  They have over 30 student jocks who bring fresh takes for radio.

Wish 107.5

Wish 107.5 has completely made something new. They now have local artists coming in regularly to sing covers and originals.

Wish 107.5’s YouTube page even has more than 1.4 million subscribers as of this writing. The channel is full of amazing performances from both mainstream and indie artists. They even have Reese Lansangan and Jensen singing their “Maybe” duet.

Part of their gimmick is their roaming bus which even goes to several universities. They certainly built their own brand from the ground up.

Another Kind of Online Radio

Spotify has its own kind of internet radio in the form of artist and genre playlists. You can choose among thousands of song or artist radios.

For instance, if you like to listen to everything Bruno Mars, you can check out his artist radio. If you want to discover more similar-sounding songs, you can listen to that specific track’s song radio. This way, you’ll never run out of new songs to listen to.

With online music becoming more common, it’s not that hard to listen to your favorite tracks. All it takes is just a few taps or clicks.

What’s your favorite radio station?

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