LIFESTYLE: 5 ways to declutter your mind

Hey you, I know it’s tough to think about everything in life. It could really mess with your head. So to help you stay sane, here are 5 ways to declutter your mind!

Work, social, self-care, and other interests. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about all the things that are going on with your life. I get that and I care for your mental health. So here are 5 ways to declutter your mind.

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List down your priorities from the most important to the least

“Life is short. Focus on what really matters most; you should change your priorities over time.”  – Roy T. Bennett

There are tons of things that go through our mind every day and there are different types of them. There are those that are important and those that are just nuances. Setting your priorities helps a lot in decluttering your mind. Set long term and short term goals. Once you’ve decided which ones matter to you most, it will be easy for you to set steps on achieving your goals and focus your mind.

Have a journal or notepad app where you can write your thoughts and ideas

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Many famous geniuses in different fields have the habit of journaling such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Andy Warhol. Mainly because journaling helps with prioritizing tasks and clearing your mind. It also helps to make sure you remember something important. There are many ways to take advantage of journaling and however you decide to use this, at the end of the day, writing down thoughts gives you more headspace and will be beneficial for your sanity.

Control and share the information you gather

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With today’s technology, we have very easy access to information, therefore, it is also very easy for us to have information overload. To preventing this from happening, what we can do is control and share the information that goes into our head. One way of controlling information influx is to lessen social media time. Social media is a giant source of information. People nowadays can spend hours and hours scrolling through social media platforms, that can cause information overload. Spending lesser time on it helps in saving head space for more important matters. In terms of sharing information, what’s beneficial about it is that, just like writing your thoughts down, it helps you unload the information you’ve garnered and who knows the information you’ve shared may be helpful to others. You can do this by writing a blog post, composing a song about it, or just simply talking to other people.

Don’t hold on to every thought

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We have different types of thoughts, we’ve established that on point number one and we’ve talked about what to do with the important thoughts. As for the nuances, just let them go. Toxic thoughts such as negativity, worrying about something you can’t control, and things that happened in the past are just some of these distracting thoughts that we need to get rid of. If you think that a thought is not beneficial to you in any way they do not have to take up space in your mind. Once you have mastered the art of letting go, you will have more peace within you.


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Meditation is known to decrease stress levels, depression, and anxiety. When you meditate your thought flow improves and positive emotion boosts up. Also, practicing focusing on the now regularly trains your mind to be calm even during hectic situations. Having just a few minutes of peace really counts for your mental health and the effects can be instantaneous.

Did these 5 ways to declutter your mind help you get the peace of mind that you deserve? Do you know other ways that we can add to this list? Let us know down the comment section below or message us on our Facebook or Twitter @UDoUPh.

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