Upgrading phones is something that we do all the time. Whether its time to upgrade, or you are tired of your old phone, we upgrade our phones at least once in a year. After all, the mobile companies launch new models every  year. So, even if we don’t buy a phone every year, we definitely do buy one once in two years.

That should leave us with several phones lying around the house, unless you have opted for a buy-back plan. So, you must have thought what to do with these phones, apart from selling them or gifting them. Well, here are five ways you can use your old Android phone.

5 Tips for Using Your Android Phone

  • Use It as an Alarm Clock

If you have some spare speakers, you can use your old Android phone as an Alarm Clock and as a Timer. After all, that is one of the most popular features of the Android devices. And if you have Google Home installed on your phone, it’s all about saying ‘OK Google’.

  • Use It as an Initial Reader Device for Children

If a child you know has started reading, and you are wondering if you should invest in a standalone, let them spend some time with a reading app on your phone. Nowadays, most apps have the dark mode and ensure safety of child’s eyes. So, if you can see that the child really takes to reading, go ahead and buy a reading device.

  • Use It as a Remote for Your Devices

If you have recently bought a new television or a music system, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that most companies now offer Android versions of their remotes for free. So, if you have a couple of spare phones in the house, you never have to buy batteries and knock-off remote controls because the originals are pretty expensive.

  • Use it as a business phone

Everyone wants another number to keep their personal and professional contacts aside. Yes, phones have dual sims, but once you start using two phones, you will understand the convenience. Android Phones are still taking strides in creating two profiles on one phone. They will succeed, eventually, but until then, you can use two phones – one for business and one for personal use.

  • Use it as a Hotspot

Using a hotspot is essential for people who keep traveling. Unless you want put in some money for a hotspot device – which basically creates a Wifi connection out of a mobile connection for your laptop, use an old phone as a hotspot device. Yes, your current phone has a hotspot functionality. But even today, using a phone as a data device is notorious for call drops.

These are the top five uses of an older mobile phone. Do you think we missed out any? Tell us in the comments section. Loved this article? Make sure you bookmark us at www.udou.ph.