If you ever find yourself feeling apologetic for the things you’ve done in the past, you might want to give this a read:

No ragrets.” That’s what Scottie P. taught us in the movie, ‘We’re The Millers’. While it might seem just like a comedic bit, it stays true to life when some of us find ourselves in the point of regretting our actions. Well, it may be because of what other people say or that little voice inside our head bugging us. It’s natural and there are indeed some things worth feeling regret over. But, no matter what anyone else will say, there’s a good list of things you should never, I mean–ever feel bad for doing:

Choosing yourself


You should know by now that over anything else, you should always prioritize your well-being. If you feel bad by turning that night out invitation or saying “no” to an out-of-town trip–no need to wear yourself out. Sometimes having time for yourself is the best moment you’ll ever have. Being constantly surrounded by people, it’s that one time you can feel serene by having only yourself as a company.

If you’re able to choose yourself in difficult situations, it’s how you know you’ve already grown and mature. You now know what would be good for you and what’s not.

Not saying ‘sorry’


There will come a time when you’ll regret all the moments you weren’t able to say sorry. But sometimes, there are things left better left unsaid. Because for all we know, it might not change things back to the way they were. Remember, it’s a-okay not to forgive others. Don’t burden yourself anymore.



It may not be always, but surely enough, there will be times when we fail. But you should put it into your mind that it’s part of life’s process. Life is a rollercoaster. You can’t be always on top. So don’t bother yourself with the thoughts like “I could’ve done better” because sometimes, even if we give it our all, there are things that aren’t just mean for us.

Falling in love


Ahh, love. What a wonderful feeling! But also the worst one when you least expect it. But that’s alright! You met someone, you feel in love, they became your whole world but then you decided to part ways. Accept it and move on. Just because it may not have worked out with him or her, doesn’t mean you should deprive yourself of falling in love again. Remember, every pain is a well-earned lesson.

Ending relationship


From your special one, friends, or family, it would be natural to feel bad after cutting ties with them. It may be because they’re too toxic or detrimental to your well-being. But you did it for a reason. And it’s a good one. Because you know you’ll be better off without them. Stand by your choice,

In the end, all of these regrets make us who we are now. You may still think of them but it’s alright now because these feelings of regret would push us further not to make the same mistakes again. It’s time to forgive yourself and move on. Unburden yourself. It’s finally time to let them go.

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