So now that the holidays are over, have you figured out what to do with that ugly sweater your Great Aunt Brenda gave?

The holidays are a special time, time spent with family, eating food, and receiving gifts. But sometimes you receive unwanted gifts, and you don’t exactly know what to do with it. So here are five things you can do with unwanted gifts!

We’ve all been there, an uncle who hasn’t seen you in years somehow thought that giving a stuffed animal to his 20-something-year-old niece was a good idea. Or that your grandma somehow thought that you would actually wear that floral blouse. The bottom line is, we’ve all received unwanted gifts at one point in our lives. So now that the holidays are officially over, we’re here to help you figure out what in the world you’re supposed to do with those pesky unwanted gifts.

1. Donate To Charity

So one option that will clear your conscience, is to donate that unwanted gift to charity. So just because you don’t appreciate the gift, doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there who will. And if you’re still feeling guilty about it, just think that it was for a good cause!

2. Re-Gifting

Your second option is to simply re-gift! Now, this takes years of practice, but the moment you unwrap that unwanted gift make sure to not take it out of the packaging! Because if you did, it would be weird to re-gift, say, a mug without the box. It’s just too obvious that way. And not only is this a genius idea, it’s also a thrifty one! Now, this idea is fool-proof, as long as you don’t re-gift it to someone who knows the person who originally gave it to you. So please, don’t make that rookie mistake!

3. Replace It

Now, if you’re lucky enough to have a gift receipt you could simply replace it! But if you’re not, you could also find out where she bought it from (under the guise that you love it so much you just want to gift it to someone else, lol). And some stores may actually replace it for you. And if not, you can try one of the other tips on this list.

4. Sell It

This one is only for those who don’t have a conscience, but if you’re really desperate, we won’t judge! But here’s a little tip, use someone else’s account to sell the unwanted gift. After all, you don’t want the person who gave it to you to find out, or would you?

5. Keep It

And finally, you can simply keep it. If you’re unlucky enough that someone close to you, or someone you live with, gave you the gift and you have no choice but to keep it. Well, then I’m sorry to say you have no choice. So maybe you can just keep it in the farthest reaches of your closet, and hope that they never ask about it again. And if they do, you can simply pull it out for emergencies.

Overall, we hope you found some good tips on what to do for those unwanted gifts. But also, here’s hoping you get better gifts next year!

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