Another thunderstorm is upon us, as excited as we are about the much needed relief from the scorching heat that we all need. With the sound of raindrops lulling us to bed, why don’t we check out some tunes that can go along this chill day?

Here are our top 5 picks, in no particular order:

  1.  “Nadarang” – Shanti Dope

One of the hottest songs right now, “Nadarang” shot straight to the NUMBER ONE spot on Spotify PH’s Top 50 Viral Chart in less than a week after its release. A song written intuitively inspired by unrequited love; check the song out below:

 2.  “Ride Home – Ben & Ben

One of the flag bearers of folk pop within OPM in our country, Ben & Ben is known for their amazing vocals and smooth beats, the video was shot in Japan to capture the element of the sound. Check it out below:

3. “Ilaw sa Daan” – IV of Spades

IV of Spades is definitely not a newcomer in the OPM scene, they’ve been around since 2014 but during these past few years is their reigning glory. With their feature performance in this years’ Wanderland Festival. This band is getting there. Video down below:

 4.   Ride or Die – The Knocks (feat. Foster the People)

“I know we’re getting older, but that don’t mean it’s over” one of my favorite line in this lyrical masterpiece. Ride or Die did an incredible chill piece with Foster the People and I, along with most of their avid listeners just can’t get enough. A spectacular mix, watch below:

5. “Cebuana” – Karencitta

Possibly the only video out of all of them that reached over 10 million views. This nationwide hit brought about by the mastery mix of JON INGOLDSBY and TC-5. Check this wonder video below:

Have these 5 catchy songs with you when you enjoy that drizzle! Let us know how it helped you wind down!