Mobile applications are a huge part of our daily lives. They’re like our personal assistant that helps us do our tasks way easier and faster wherever we go. Even music lovers can benefit from that to keep the melody going in your head, and maybe create your own song in the middle of traffic.

Bottomline? There are a lot of apps that can help you develop your creativity as an artist even when you’re on the go. The question is, are you utilizing your phone efficiently?

Check out our top picks for all the music lovers out there:

1. GarageBand

GarageBand is an app for all iOS users to create your own music. It’s pretty hip to be able to produce your own songs right in the palm of your hands! It has different instrumental effects, pre-made MIDI keyboards and loops, so you won’t have to manually record it in a studio. You just won’t know, maybe you can finish a whole album in the middle of your artistic rush.

2. GuitarTuna

If you’re a newbie in playing string instruments, GuitarTuna is for you. Whether its guitar, bass, ukulele, it’s very helpful in learning, practicing, and mastering all the chords you want to learn. You can also tune your instruments with it, be it Standard, Drop-D, and more!

3. Genius

Genius, on the other hand, is for searching lyrics. It has the biggest collection of song lyrics, so you won’t have to chant the wrong words when you’re singing in the car. Plus, Genius also provides you with cool information about a specific song, album, or artist.

4. Spotify

If you’re still one of those people who does not have Spotify installed on their phone, you definitely should download it now. Save yourself from all the hassle to download the songs you want! Spotify is also a great way to discover new songs – thanks to its Discover Weekly feature! It compiles songs in a fresh playlist based on the type of music you’ve listened to during the past week.

5. Afterparty

It’s hard to be updated with the latest events with the emerging music scene in the country, and that’s why you need AfterParty. It’s an event app that will keep you updated with the upcoming music festivals, gigs, and club parties, so you don’t have to worry about missing one! The best part is that you can even win prizes and meet-and-greets with your favorite artists!

There’s still a lot of apps out there that you have to check out. Embrace your passion as music lovers, and maybe you’ll be the next star singing on stage!