Couples come and go but you have to admit, the breakup of your favorite couple can also affect you just a little bit. We’re here to relive that heartache for you.

Jack & Meg White

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Jack Gillis and Meg White married in 1996, with Jack doing the unconventional and taking his wife’s last name. The pair divorced in 2000 just before The White Stripes hit the mainstream. They presented themselves as brothers and sisters to the world, with Jack claiming that they were the youngest two out of 10 siblings. Even when proof of their marriage emerged a year after their divorce, they continued to insist that they were siblings. In 2005, he spoke about their open secret a couple years later and said that they preferred people to focus on the nature of their music and not their personal relationship. The White Stripes ultimately dissolved in 2011; Jack still goes as Jack White and is still very active in the music industry, releasing two albums and forming Third Man Records while Meg has been keeping it on the DL in Michigan.

Fab Moretti & Drew Barrymore

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The Strokes drummer and the actress started their five-year relationship after meeting backstage during Coachella. They were definitely one of the most envied couples of the early 2000s, with Moretti and The Strokes just making it big while Barrymore was appearing in a major movie every year. In 2006, the actress published a full-page love message dedicated to Moretti on an American newspaper. They sadly broke up a year after and just never got back together ever since.

Drake & Rihanna

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Their relationship dates all the way back to 2009 and from that moment, Rihanna got Drake hooked. He wrote about their night together on his track “Fireworks” but Rihanna played down the rumors and said that they were just friends. From there on, they did collaborations together that made everyone believe they actually were together. Drake and Ri’s ex-boyfriend Chris Brown even got into a scuffle over her! By 2012, the two constantly threw shade at each other but things seemed to cool down the year after. After a few more collaborations, they finally became an item in 2016 but split a couple months after. Who knows, maybe in another lifetime they’ll finally be together for good?

Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow

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Cries were heard all over the world the day Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and actress Gwyneth Paltrow announced their split in 2014. She was the muse for some of Coldplay’s best songs, including “Fix You” and “Magic”. “Fix You” was written for his ex-wife after her dad’s passing, and even Paltrow’s mother cries whenever she hears the song. Coldplay’s 2014 album “Ghost Stories”, clearly an album that reflects the couple’s breakup, features the single “Magic”. Martin sings, “And if you were to ask me / After all that we’ve been through / Still believe in magic? / Yes I do / Of course I do” during the end, marking a sweet goodbye to Paltrow. Okay, we’re crying now.

Alex Turner & Alexa Chung

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The ultimate indie couple of the the mid-2000s, Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner and model/TV presenter Alexa Chung made all of our young hearts swoon. They were so damn perfect for each other that even their names matched. Similar to Fab Moretti and Drew Barrymore’s relationship, the two met at the T in the Park Music Festival in 2007 but denied the dating rumors. Photos of them leaving places together began to surface and they basically had no choice but to admit that they were dating. Throughout the course of their four-year relationship, much of Turner’s lyricism revolved around the euphoria Chung’s presence gave him. If you need any more proof that the two are meant to be together, check out the Valentine’s love letter Turner wrote for Chung. The letter was found in a bar and published in The Sun but it doesn’t make it any less romantic.

Alex Turner's Love Letter to Alexa Chung

2011 broke us in two when they announced their split. They reunited over cigarettes in New York in 2014, but rumors of getting back together didn’t spark until just late last year! Apparently, they’ve been spotted in London getting very cozy together. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for Alex-Alexa 2018!

Just when you think they’ve got it together, they don’t. Love is a lie, everyone, and it’s all going to end anyway.

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