Looking to be environmentally conscious? Start with these 5 eco-friendly must-haves for everyday living and you’re good to go!

It’s no secret that the earth is on a rapid and steady decline. Scientists have been talking about it forever and how if we don’t do something we might not have a place to call home in the coming decades. But this sort of news shouldn’t discourage us. It should empower us to change and help the environment. People often think that they can’t really do anything impactful.

Studies show that the world produces about 3.5 million tons of trash per day. And in the U.S. each person produces around 2 kilos of trash per day. Now imagine that 2 kilos and what it’s made out of. That cup and straw of milk tea you ordered, the packaging that held your takeaway, and that empty bottle of water you bought. What if I told you that you could completely forgo all that just by having these five eco-friendly must-haves!

Reusable cutlery and straw

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There are different kinds of reusable cutlery and straw, and you can usually buy them in sets. The bamboo ones are popular because they are 100% natural and completely compostable which is a bonus in helping the environment. Compared to that of metal or glass straws, which are difficult and damaging to the environment to produce.


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Using tumblers are a great way to cut down on the production and consumption of plastic bottles and cups. Since it’s 2019 make sure to look for ones that can accommodate jumbo straws so that you can still enjoy your favorite milk tea while caring for mother Earth. If you want to take it up a notch look for tumblers that are made from recycled materials! An added bonus to using tumblers your favorite coffee shop just might give you a discount for using your own container.

Collapsible food containers

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This one is not as popular or commonly known yet, but it’s about time that it should! Are you tired of bringing clunky lunchboxes that just take up too much space even after they’re empty? Well, these collapsible food containers should fix that. Made out of soft silicone, it easily folds down flat when it’s empty. Not only does it help you save money from buying food outside, but you’re also one less food packaging sent to the dump every day you use it.


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Eco-bags have been around for a long time and most supermarkets now charge you for plastic bags if you don’t have a reusable bag with you. But a lot of people still don’t make it a habit to bring one with them. Even when there are ones that you can hang on your bag like a keychain. Carrying an eco-bag around on your bag sounds a bit redundant but it’s a definite must-have for living an eco-friendly life.

Bamboo toothbrush

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Bamboo toothbrushes are a crucial must-have because they cost significantly less than a plastic toothbrush and have natural anti-microbial properties. They last as long as a regular toothbrush does and has the same cleaning power, but they are 100% compostable as well. Just make sure you get the ones that are mare from plant-based bristles.

Of course, it’s not as convenient as just simply buying and using disposables but it’s not convenient to find a new planet either. And these eco-friendly must-haves will definitely set you on the right path. So no matter how big or small, we can all do our part to help in saving the environment.

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