As the first-ever dance challenge app in the Philippines launches, Chuzi partnered with 52 of the best dancers in the Philippines to become dance pioneers for the trending dance challenge app. Here is the first batch of the Chuzi pioneers!

Cha Calubaquib

Cha Calubaquib

Cha is a senior member of The Stylettos, an all-female dance group! This Chuzi dance pioneer has been dancing way back in 1999! “I was supposed to quit dancing in 2017 but I guess the universe had a different plan for me.” She felt like she wasn’t burning enough wood to spark that fire to continue dancing. “I was young and I thought that what I was doing was fully committing myself to dance but I realized as I grew older that I wasn’t giving my 100 percent.” She now pushes to keep her fire for this passion. 

What is your biggest achievement in dance so far?

“My biggest achievement until then is competing in Rise of the Icons with a piece closest to our hearts. There were so many emotions poured into that piece individually and as a group that watching the piece over again still makes me cry” They may not have won the competition, but it has left an impression on their group. During the Get Jiggy With It dance competition, Cha mentioned that their group came in third place.

Jas Valentin

Jas Valentin

Jas started ballet when she 4 years old and immediately fell in love with dance at such a young age. “I started hip hop when I was in Elementary for fun but did it competitively starting College when I was in Assumption College, Makati.” Now, she’s employed and still pursuing her career in dance with Upeepz and The Stylettos, and becoming a dance pioneer for Chuzi.

“Dance is good for my mental health and it’s my stress reliever”. Jas also represented the country with UPeepz during the Bodyrock International Competition and Sea Games.

Gyl Camelo


His passion for movement, being able to look “pogi” on stage, and dancing with his friends is pretty much what kept Gyl going! “I am pretty random and will watch a lot of works from different individuals.”  The dance community inspires him to recreate and build his foundation in dance.

Gyl began dancing in college in 2004 and later joined TPM. He also founded Dance Manila, the Philippines’ first online dance resource, and is now a successful TikTok content creator with over 2 million followers on that video app!

Dora Dorado


One of the most relevant content creators in the industry! Dora is a pioneer member of the world-renowned dance group, A-Team Philippines, and a proud member of the House of Mizrahi Philippines. This 25-year old top dancer in the Philippines and stunner is the epitome of authenticity and talent!

What is your biggest achievement in dance so far?

“ Probably being able to reach different parts of the world through dance – and that I know that I have cemented my name in the Philippines Dance Scene, most specifically in the hip-hop/street dance competitive arena.

Josh Junio

josh junio

Josh is a full-time dancer, performer, choreographer, dance teacher, and a visual artist. He is also a member of Manoeuvers Ignite and the Founder and Co-Director of TPM.

What made you decide to pursue dance?

“Dance is an art, and dance is a profession, but it has always been so much more. Josh describes dance as a compass, an outlet, and a form of protest. “It is life!” For him, life is more colorful and meaningful. The power of dance to influence a person lasts a lifetime, its power to do the same for cultures, communities, generations, the world – that’s forever.

Miguel Casado

miguel casado

This Chuzi dance pioneer is a former member of the Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company, as well as LeGoFam and LGDM’s head coach! Miguel’s journey as one of the Philippines ‘ best dancers does not end there! Aside from winning international dance competitions, his most significant achievement to date is the establishment of his dance studio, THE CUBE.

What is your creative process like?

“My creative process is composed of internal and external when it comes to dancing. I love to think of it as a cake since I’m a culinary student.” He said that adding flavor to his dance is the tip of the iceberg.