We’ve got a whole new group of top dancers in the Philippines ready to invite you to a one-of-a-kind video dance challenge that you can view and vote on right from your phone. Here’s the latest addition to the ever-growing Chuzi Dance Pioneers list.

Janna Flores 

janna flores

Janna has been dancing professionally since 2013. She’s a proud member and choreographer of LeGo Fam and a former LGDM member. “I share my love for dance with my father”. It wasn’t until she started college that her passion for dance grew stronger and realized that it was possible to sustain her needs while doing what she loves. 

“Since I was just doing what I love and I became quite good at it, I started getting opportunities to earn money while dancing. Like dancing at guestings, being hired as a choreographer in some schools and companies.”

What is your biggest achievement so far?

“For me, my biggest achievement as a dancer would probably be raising my 2-year old son and sustaining life and our needs as a dancer. I know. a lot of dancers can say that, but I can proudly say that dance really played a big role in helping me raise my baby and my family.”

Mikko Bodo

mikko bodo

Mikko’s love for hip hop started when he was 17 years old and eventually grew to be his passion. He’s the founder of Armada dance group, a member of Alliance, and is now running a business and an active content creator together with his college friends. 

What is your biggest achievement so far?

“Being able to know who I am as a dancer and having my own identity which I feel like most of the time, no one could touch. Having won competitions and battles are just icing on the cake really.”

Jesse Gotangco

jesse reflex gotangco

Jesse “Reflex” Gotangco is a professional dance artist, choreographer, teacher, coach, and freelance host. His dedication and passion for dance do not stop from there!

R16 Asia and World Finals, Red Bull BC One Asia, Challenge Cup World Finals, Hip Hop International, Singapore Dance Delight, and Asian Battlegrounds are just a handful of the national and international contests he has competed in. Reflex has been honing his technique for the past 13 years and has a long list of national and international titles to his name.

What’s next for you?

“To perpetuate my art. I have mentoring programs; diving deeper into teaching movement and dance education. Also, possibly joining the Olympics in breakin before I get too old.” 

Eiana Claire Nova

eiana nova

This 13-year-old dancer may be one of the Philippines’ strongest junior dancers! Eiana started dancing at the age of two! “My mother watches and listens to K-Pop on YoutTube every time I visit her office. I try to copy the dancing steps or make up my own while watching and listening.” Eiana pursued her dancing career with A-Team Philippines, thanks to her extensive dance skills and the encouragement of her instructor Adam Alonzo.

“We travelled 5 hours for my audition. I’m lucky and blessed that I passed the audition. They even allowed me to attend the training every weekend because I live in the province.” Eiana became the youngest member of A-Team Philippines.

What is your biggest achievement so far?

“I think my biggest achievement is when I represented the country in dance competitions like the World Hip-Hop Championship, The Radikal Forze 7-to-smoke All-style-battle Junior Division in Singapore, King of Buck (KOB) Japan, and The Eves Kombat Online Battle in India. I was also able to teach and share my dance style and choreography to other dancers all over the world.”’

Denise Uson

denise uson

Denise is a former member of Romancon and a member of A-Team. She began her dance career in 2011 and has since been able to compete and perform in local and worldwide competitions and events, including World Hip Hop International 2014 with A-Team.

“Dancing was something that brought me both my happiest and most challenging days. It introduced me to people I hold very close to my heart, and dancing made me discover a lot of things about myself. I hope to continue learning new things through dance.”

What is your creative process like?

“It goes about depending on what the music makes me feel – I like listening to songs in its entirety and really understand the music before I move to it.”