Chuzi collaborated with 52 of the best dancers in the Philippines to become dance pioneers for the trending video dance challenge app and we proudly present the second wave of the Chuzi Pioneers!

Mickey Yatar

mickey yatar

Mickey has won countless international titles and honors but this dance pioneer’s achievements do not end there! “Dance is something I cannot take away from my life. It is already part of who I am. It’s my little planet.”

The 29-year-old Waacker was born and raised in the summer capital of the Philippines; Baguio City! In college, he received professional dance training and has continued to perfect the craft until this day. His creative technique entails being spontaneous and trusting that process.

What made you decide to pursue dance?

“I saw it on TV and thought it was cool. I also saw some videos from Youtube when it was just starting. Then I decided I wanna be like them. I wanna be as good as those badass b*tches.”

Cath Quintos

cath quintos

A board-certified nurse in the Philippines, and a professional dancer. Cath studied nursing in college which meant a great deal for many Filipino families who aspire to have their children work abroad. “I was one of those children who was, unfortunately, unable to choose a course for herself as the most common exchange during those years was to take nursing because a relative would pay for the tuition” Cath made it abundantly clear during that moment that she would follow her path in lieu of paying her tuition.

She worked as a professional dancer while pursuing her dream of becoming a dancer. It was clear by then that dance was something she could make a livelihood doing. Cath did well in school and was keen to pursue a career as a professional dancer. She even aced the nurse licensing exam the first time around!

Cath is now the co-director of AXIS (All Xystems in Sync)! “Best achievement was being able to create our team of professional dancers along with the people who I’ve been working with for years.” It was a breath of fresh air for her to be able to work on a team with whom she could help grow as a professional dancer.

RJ De Claro

rj de claro

RJ’s debut program, “SIS,” was hosted by Gelly and Janice Debelen with the group LXD, and he has been dancing mainstream since 2007. After that, he began dancing with the Abztract dancers and was finally invited to join the Manoeuvres. RJ directed Eat Bulaga, SOP, and ASAP! for 13 years. He even choreographed concerts of Vice Ganda, Alden Richards, Richard Poon, Jessica Sanchez, and Gary V. 

What is your biggest achievement so far?

“When people are thanking me for the lesson I’ve shared and seeing former students teach” 

What’s next for you?

“Fly abroad, teach, and learn. As of the moment, I’m an in-house dance coach for TV5’s POP PINOY.

Eryka Lucas

eryka lucas

Eryka is a member of the UP Streetdane Club and a trainee of The Crew PH. She began dancing in her second year of college. “It wasn’t part of my plan actually. I just accompanied my friend to her audition for UP Street.” 

What is your biggest achievement so far?

“For someone who never really planned on dancing in college or professionally, I guess being a trainee of The Crew and being able to work with some of the OGs of the community is the biggest achievement I’ve had”

Eldin Lao

aldin lao afrodite

Christian Lao, AKA Afrodite is a Waacker and the Father of Imperial House of Waacking: Philippine Chapter. “I have been dancing for more than 10 years now and I have competed and represented the Philippines in various local and international dance battles.” He also arranged local and international dance battles. classes, and other events to encourage Filipino dancers to appreciate the beauty of street dance.

“I’ve had numerous championships under my belt as a battler, or as part of a crew, but all of these are nothing compared to when I brought the Imperial House of Waacking to the Philippines and Tyrone Proctor (Waacking OG and Father of IHOW) gave me the title of Father to lead the Philippine Chapter.” His desire to share the beauty and strength of waacking with young dancers throughout the country kept him going and is one of the best dancers in the Philippines. 

What made you decide to pursue dance?

“I often think that Dance found me, even saved me. Whenever I dance, the art always reveals something in myself that I didn’t even know. It is a way for me to express and impress at the same time.” 

Yandrei Ponce

yandrei ponce

This talented 12-year-old dance pioneer from Gimaca, Quezon Province, has been given incredible opportunities in dance and has accomplished so much at such a young age!

She began her dance career at a very young age. Yandrei’s parents entered her in a local noon-time TV show when she was six years old, and she was named the “Little Dance Princess.”

On social media, her dance videos received millions of views and were recognized by local and worldwide choreographers. Yandrei was asked to perform at Little Big Shots Philippines in September 2017 and Little Big Shots UK in London in April 2018! She even took part in World of Dance Philippines with her dance partner! This dance pioneer is currently a member of the A-Team, the country’s most recognized dance group, and has represented the country in the World Hip Hop Dance competition.