Part Cruz is one of the directors of Lazarus. He is doing Urban Choreography since 2007. He is now one of the dance pioneers of our video dance challenge app, Chuzi. Cruz did not really decide on pursuing dance as his career. He just did it because he loves to dance and specifically create. So, in this way, his dancing journey started.

Cruz’s creating process is quite simple. He gets inspired by something, maybe it can be music, a trend, an event, etc. He makes sure he researches and studies about that something and capitalizes on it. As Cruz is one of the Chuzi Pioneers, we get to see many of his amazing dance videos on the Chuzi app. 

Chuzi is a great platform for all the dancers to showcase their dance talent and also challenge others and win against them. On Chuzi, you all can watch various dance challenges among all the Chuzi Pioneers. There are no other judges here, the audiences are the only ones for all the dance battles. So, you all will become a crucial part of our Chuzi automatically as you all are the decision-makers or Starmakers. You all need to cast a vote by clicking on the VOTE option that is available on our Chuzi. So, download our Chuzi app now and try to top our Starmaker Leaderboard by gaining points by voting the dance challenges.