Nico Almaria is one of our Chuzi Pioneers and is raring to go at the leaderboards. Nico is 21 years old and started dancing at a young age. Nico learned the art for a while until it became a passion.  Nico started learning choreography when he was in grade 6 and has done different dance styles since then.  Nico later joined CIC Mandaue Dance Troupe in 2016 and has been competing in several dance contests since then.

The talented dancer credits their choreographer, Dom Guyot has always been supporting their passion and was the one who pushed Nico to pursue what they believed in.  He egged them on, and they decided to do a spot audition for SZHD in 2017. Nico has won the Championship at the HipHop International Philippines in 2018

I decided to pursue dancing mainly because it is my art and my hideaway. Also, I desire to share my talent with other people hoping that it will inspire or motivate them to chase their passion as well. Nico keeps his choreographies upbeat and high-spirited. They decide on fast music and the purpose is to illustrate the concept to the audience.