Chuzi Pioneer: Miguel Casado

Miguel Manuel A. Casado is a member of Saint Benilde Romancon Dance Company. He is also the former head coach of LeGoFam and LGDM.  Miguel pursues dancing because it helps him physically, mentally emotionally, and even spiritually. For him, it seems like he has found his soulmate.

His creative process is composed of internal and external factors when it comes to dancing. He loves to think of it as a cake since he is a culinary student. The flavor is the vibe of the song, how it will feel when you dance it and then the other extras are visuals which is the designs, like what color are you gonna use how are you gonna stroke your letters which is the dynamics.

As far as his biggest achievements are concerned, he feels that besides winning international dance competitions, putting up his dance studio is the biggest one so far.

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