Chuzi Pioneer: Marge Felix

Felix Margerie Ann Silao is a 26-year-old full-time hustler and part-time dancer. Marge Felix committed to dance when she was in college 3rd year. At that time, she is only 20-year-old. She is very grateful that she is still managing to do her passion while working.

Marge always enjoys dancing. She is still learning a lot by doing from knowing her own self to maintaining his body active. She is also inspired by those people who dance amazingly. What keeps her from going is those people that she is surrounded with are very good support, boosts faith in herself, so blessed to have them. 

When Marge wants to choreograph a piece of music or when she has an assigned part of music, she first starts analyzing the message in it. From there, she figures out what groove or soul can this music make her feel while listening to it. Eventually, she does freestyle. She memorizes the steps that she made from freestyling and does the next moves until she feels that these moves fit the music. 

The biggest achievement for Marge Felix is when her dance group Kinection won the championship in the “Chosen Ground 15”. The concept and the choreography were intense. Aside from executing the steps, they need to act as mental patients to be able to effectively share their message. They have done a great performance.

Currently, Marge is looking forward to Chuzi App. She is going to give her best and make things worth it.

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