Leirry Parba is a dancer from the Philippines. Everyone calls him Parbie. He started dancing when he was 3 years old and was called a star dancer in kindergarten. Leirry Parba was 15 when he joined his first crew in high school, a dance troupe called DB Greywolves. He also got to be in The Unknown Company for a year. Then, he became a member of Synergy for 2 years as well as he was imported as a member of Sezzyhood wherein afterward, SZHD was created and he continues to be part of the team for 6 years now. 

Parbie grew up listening to Britney Spears’ songs. He watched her music videos on the television almost every day which have poppy beats and it was amusing to watch her move her body like that along with many other people with her at that time. Later, he found out that it was called dancing and he thought it was fun to try what they were doing. He didn’t notice after watching them so many times he had already memorized all of her dance steps in all of her albums. There, he has realized that he was a fast learner and a good dancer at an early age. And that’s when his passion to pursue dancing has started.

Leirry Parba’s dance styles are mostly waack, vogue, dancehall, and choreography. When constructing his choreos, he first tends to listen to the beats and lyrics of the songs that he is choosing. He tries to visualize steppings in his head and see which one fits that beat or lyrics the best. If he is out of ideas, he tries to search for choreographies online where he either gets inspiration from or improves the dance steps that he finds. Parbie put them all together and see himself dancing in front of his mirror whether it feels right or not.

To be able to compete and travel all around the Philippines and join many various hip hop or dance competitions such as Hip-hop International, World Supremacy Battle Grounds, Music and Motion, The City Olympics, Tinalak Festival, Dance Fest, Ultimate Dance Champ, and many more are his biggest achievements. Also, to have been able to try winning a championship or in the top 3 and giving his best in every contest without any regrets. To be invited to perform at events as a guest performer and to be given the chance to choreograph for a dance crew are also his achievements.

Currently, Leirry Parba is a Chuzi Pioneer. So, get ready to watch his intense dance challenge videos.