Josh Junio is one of the dance influencers from the Philippines. He is a visual artist, full-time dancer, performer, choreographer, and dance teacher. He is also the Founder and Co-Director of TPM. Currently, he is a member of Manoeuvers Ignite. Our video dance challenge app, Chuzi, chose Josh Junio as one of the dance pioneers.

Everyone says that Dance is an art and dance is a profession. But for Josh, it has always been so much more. He describes dance as a compass, an outlet, and a form of protest. Josh feels that everything we see, feel, and experience can be expressed through dance. Dance is a life for him. It made his life more colorful and meaningful. He states that connections are made and purpose can be found through dance. Josh believes that dance has that power that can influence a person till lifetime. Not only a person, the cultures, communities, generations, and the world can also be greatly influenced by the power of dance.

Josh explores the unfamiliar and by using his wisdom and abilities, he easily turns his imagination into reality and creates amazing choreography. He feels that a dancer should feed their brains and let that knowledge manifest through their art, dance, and body. Josh’s biggest achievement is to be able to inspire people and also share his work with those who love and care about what he does.

Now, Josh became one of the modern dance pioneers of our famous dance challenge app, Chuzi. Chuzi is the best platform for all the dancers to showcase their dancing skills and also challenge others and win against them. On Chuzi, you all can watch various dance battles among all the Chuzi Pioneers. There are no other judges here, the audiences are the only ones for all the dance challenges. So, you all will become a crucial part of our Chuzi automatically as you all are the decision-makers. You all need to cast a vote by clicking on the VOTE option that is available on our Chuzi. So, download our Chuzi app as soon as possible and become a decision-maker. Also, all the fans of Josh Junio get ready to vote for Josh for his brilliant dance videos.