John Alvin is from Laguna, Philippines. He is a solo/duo artist at “Alvin&Julie” and one of the choreographers of “Le’Go Fam”. Aside from choreographing, he also learned freestyle in 2014. He joined freestyle battles before, but he stopped doing it when he felt like it’s not for him anymore until he finds his kind of game in dance which is joining choreography competitions (but he still does freestyle though). After winning choreography competitions within 1 – 2 years, he considered these wins as a key to open a lot of doors for him to grab an opportunity to be invited and perform in different TV shows such as Unang Hirit, and ASAP Natin To, and all of this would be impossible without his partner in dance and life, Julie Ann. With Le’Go Fam, they joined the World Of Dance Season 1 on ABS-CBN, and unfortunately, they lost to the Duels. But still, they had a good experience.

There are too many reasons behind John Alvin that made him pursue dance as his career. The main reason is THE PEOPLE WHO PUTTING HIM DOWN. Why? Because basically, they motivate him to work hard and be smart every day.  When he was in secondary (highscool), he was a victim of bullying. His classmates do that as always. Every time he gets to work, that darkest past gives him more strength to grind harder. And one day, he can prove them wrong by showing what he really loves to do.

John Alvin Rosario’s creative process is interesting. He picks up the music which can relate to his mood right now. Second, he does freestyle to the song plus the warm-up. His process is incomplete without freestyle for sure because it gives him natural movements, yet a genuine connection to the song at the same time. He selects the highlighted moves from his freestyle session and saves them for his choreographing. Third, he choreographs the song he picked and makes bridges/extra patterns to connect the highlighted moves he selected in his freestyle. Since it’s fresh from freestyle, he converts these moves into FIXED patterns so he can put his bridges easily. In his finishing product, he polishes his dance.

Nothing beats more than ALVIN&JULIE. Even though they started like a little “rocky” duo. But without their very first piece (Location), Alvin thinks that they shouldn’t exist, so big shoutout to Khalid anyway. Julie Ann is his long-living partner. She introduced him to the dancehall. It really made their dance partnership bigger and bigger. They explored their style more than what they did back then. And it’s not just dance, they also apply what they have learned in dance into their relationship, so they can love each other and dance more genuinely. And he guesses that’s his biggest achievement so far. PRICELESS!

John Alvin Rosario is open to private/public classes. Anyone can book him by sending a message on his Facebook/Instagram. And also, he invites everyone to upcoming classes every weekend at The Cube Dance Studio. Don’t miss the Upcoming Choreo competition and it will be presented by Le’Go Fam PH.