Chuzi Pioneer: Jobert Lachica

Josef Lachiha is the director of Kinection and Musketeers PH. He is also a member of Protein Shake, headed by Xernan Alfonso. Josef’s been dancing for the past 11 years now and he has also been part of some competitions in PH and abroad. Some of those are Vibe PH, World of Dance (ABS-CBN), Arena (Singapore), and several other solo choreography competitions.

Josef auditioned in his college’s first year Glee club and met dancers and singers. Josef was a rapper, and it took him some time to find his footing in the music industry. He joined other groups on their school grounds and that started his journey.

As for his inspiration and creative process, Josef says that he gains inspiration from stuff that happened to him when he was a kid and the recent issues that he sees happening around him.

Josef’s biggest achievement at the moment is the short film, KWITS, about a guy who’s seeking revenge from his past traumas. It’s a story that talks about the circle of violence and how trauma begets trauma.

Josef has several projects coming up, including the TV Show POPINOY, which will run soon on TV5.

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