Zulueta is a Chuzi Pioneer. He started his journey with TV reality show named ‘Stardance’ of ABS-CBN in which he was a 2nd Runner-up.  As a young artist with humble beginnings, he went back to classics and learned Jazz from the one and only, Douglas Nieras of ‘PowerDance’.

Performing has always been his passion and he has never stopped learning, and investing in this craft, and share it with the younger generation. The creative process is more on the spur of the moment, what is on-trend, what’s new, and putting his own take on it. The JAZ way must always come in the process.

After he learned jazz,  Jhoey started making his own style with his own unique way of dancing.  Jaz Funk is one of his brands when it comes to dancing. Incorporating Jazz and Street Femme Funk, he pioneered this genre in Davao City with his group “JAZ UP DANZ CREW” and named it Jhoey Alcober Zulueta which is his own name. Jhoey has a thing for Voguing and its culture.  Which is the reason why he has his own kiki House “The House of Tatiana”. 

Zulueta’s greatest achievements are representing his city in Stardance. He has also produced shows with his crew. He used to be a team captain of Project 13 in WSB (World Supremacy Battlegrounds) in Sydney, Australia; and a lot more.

Zulueta is a social media influencer and he posts content on almost all of the social media platforms (Facebook: @Jhoey A. Zulueta “theJAZway”, Tiktok: @jhoeyzulueta, and Instagram: @jhoeyzulueta).

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