Janna Flores is one of the dance pioneers from the Philippines. She is a member and choreographer of LeGo Fam and a former member of LGDM. Janna became a part of our famous dance challenge app, Chuzi, as one of the modern dance pioneers.

The 24-year-old professional dancer began her career in 2013. She has been dancing since she was a child because she and her father both enjoy dancing. When she started college in 2013, her passion for dance grew even more. Her love and enthusiasm for dance have grown since then.

She was engaged as a choreographer in some schools and companies after performing at guesting, and chose dance as a profession and grew to love it even more.

Janna’s creative approach is quite unique from that of others. She typically only does choreographies at night. She also prefers to work alone and away from any distractions when choreographing.

The greatest triumphs in her career have been raising her 2-year-old kid and sustaining life and their needs through her work as a dancer.  Janna proudly feels that dance played a very big role in helping her raise her baby and her family.

Janna is one of the choreographers for the dance classes that take place every weekend in Laguna and Carmona.

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