Chuzi Pioneer: Eryka Lucas

Eryka Lucas is a trainee of The Crew PH and also a member of UP Streetdance Club. She started dancing when she was in college 2nd year. Because of her amazing dancing skills now she became one of the Chuzi Pioneers of the dance challenge app, Chuzi.

Dance wasn’t a part of her career plan. Actually, when she just accompanied her friend to her audition for UP Street, she got very interested and inspired. So, that is the reason, she pursued dance as her career.

As far as the creative process is concerned, she just tries to do things that she enjoys when she dance and she try not to put any pressure on herself. She likes her output better when she does these. For someone who never really planned on dancing in college/professionally, she guesses being a trainee of The Crew and being able to work with some of the OGs of the community is the biggest achievement she has had.

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