Eldin Christian Lao, also known as Afrodite is the Father of Imperial House of Waacking: Philippine Chapter. He has been dancing for more than 10 years now and  represented the Philippines in various local and international dance battles. In recent years, he has organized local and international dance battles, classes, and other events to help share the beauty of Street Dance to Filipino dancers.

He believes that dance has saved him. He says that whenever he dances, the art reveals something in himself that even he doesn’t know. It is a way for him to express and impress. Dance is a vocation for him now, and he is trying to make the next generation of Filipino dancers have a brilliant future.

Christian Lao has several championships under his belt as a choregrapher or as part of a crew, He also won the Imperial House of Whacking for the Philippines. Tyrone Proctor gave him the title of Father to lead the Philippine Chapter.  For him, nothing beats the fact that he is now dancing with other people.