Cha Calubaquib is one of the top dance influencers from the Philippines. She is a dancer and also an active member of an all-women dance group. Because of amazing dancing skills, Cha Calubaquib became a part of our popular dance challenge app, Chuzi.

Cha Calubaquib started dancing when she was in grade 5 i.e, in the year 1999. In these 22 years of dancing, she joined various competitions with her school dance groups. From high school to college, she participated in many dance competitions with her school dance groups only. She is lucky that she is even competing at this pre-pandemic time. Until today, she joined at least 3 dance groups.

Calubaquib felt like she wasn’t burning enough wood to spark that fire even when she thought she was. So, she decided to quit dancing in 2017 but the universe has a different plan for her. As she was young, she thought that what she was doing was fully committing herself to dance. But as she grew older, she realized that she wasn’t really giving her 100 percent. So, as she still has that fire for dance, she is continuing to pursue dancing which is her great passion.

Usually, Cha Calubaquib choreographs on a specific piece when she is 100 percent focussed on it. When she is not in the mood to create, she usually doesn’t like the piece she teaches and feels like she is trying too hard. Cha Calubaquib is a big fan of the late 90s and early 2000s songs. So, she chooses the songs from that era and shuffles them. Mostly, she chooses the songs based on what she is feeling and if the lyrics are relatable to what she teaches. When she is going for a lyrical or groove, she sets her mood while choreographing.

Competing in Rise of the Icons with a piece closest to all our hearts is the biggest achievement in Cha Calubaquib’s dancing career. There were so many emotions poured into that performance individually and as a group watching that dance over again still makes her cry. Even though her group didn’t win that competition, it has touched all her group’s hearts. Another biggest achievement is competing in Get Jiggy With It and secured 3rd place with her dance group.

As of now, Cha Calubaquib is one of the Chuzi pioneers, we will have a chance to see her brilliant dance videos. Download our Chuzi app and get ready to be a part of intensifying dance battles between our top modern dance pioneers.