Andy Vicente is a member of Kinection.  Started the journey of dancing in high school. Been a member of various groups and dance companies like Feu Dance Company. He Pursued dancing as it made him feel free. Andy has his way of expressing feelings and dance a way through which he expresses anything he feels. Dance is therapy as it makes you forget the problems. 

The biggest achievement so far in dancing is when he was still in college and won the UAAP street dance competition season 80 the year 2018 because it was the biggest competition of all universities and his college won it.  

 Andy creates his own craft but he listens to the music carefully before starting to dance on it. He dances on the beats but only when he is used to the music after hearing it a lot of times. 

If you want to know more about Andy he has his content in Kinection and also on our app Chuzi.  Here is a way to sit and spend time in the most productive and entertaining way. Don’t forget to click on their profiles and follow them on the  Chuzi App.