Chuzi Pioneer: Alexa Geñete

Alexa Jane C. Geñete is a 21-year-old dancer from the Philippines. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She got professionally trained in Dancesports and a varsity-scholar in her school that made her compete in different places in the Philippines. Being adventurous specifically to her craft, she explored different genres till she found happiness too in Urban Hip Hop which also made her compete nationwide. Embracing her talent, led her to bigger opportunities and achievements that she never thought she would reach and she is always grateful for it.

Alexa’s parents made her pursue dancing. They were also dancers, specifically dance teachers in Dancesport. Seeing the potential in her and the happiness it brings to her everyday life, made her push to venture and grow as a dancer.

Being a dancer taught her different ideas to improve all qualities she needed to. By means that aside from dancing to a variety of steps, it led her to create her own choreographies too. Alexa Genete feels that being the champion both in the genre of dancesport and hip hop competition are her biggest achievement. She got to travel because of her passion and share her talent with inspiring ones. Alexa will be competing in an online dancesport championship and will be soon having a Choreo class as well. Now, She is also one of the Chuzi Pioneers.

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