Alex Batistil is a Chuzi Dance Pioneer. He is team captain of Kingsmen Ph and asst. coach of Fusion Davao. He has been dancing to the style of locking since 2015 and has won local, national, and international competitions with the crew. These competitions are World Supremacy Battlegrounds, Philippine Dance Delight, Ego Supreme Crew Wars, and HipHop International. Moreover, the crew has been on the local and national tv shows like ASAP by ABS-CBN.

Alex was introduced to dance by his older brother. His older brother introduced him to a dance community. Alex’s cousin is the one who influenced his older brother to dance, and in 2015 he mentored Alex to the style of Locking and since then Alex has never left dancing.

Alex has a creative space and he is always looking for inspiration.  He takes the inspiration and incorporate’s it into his dance style. He has a vision that makes him good at crew concept. Imagining the overall look of the routine based on the given music. He is a winner of the Silver medal in the World HipHop Dance Championship in 2018.

Even after so many years of dancing, he is still exploring the creative process as an individual. The entire crew is included in the finals for The Phaze International, an online dance competition with a grand prize of 20,000 USD. Make sure to check it out. 

Alex Batistil is a Dance Pioneer of Video Dance Challenge App Chuzi

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