Social media has become an integral part of everyone’s daily life. For a lot of people, it’s the best place to communicate and entertain themselves. For your titos, titas, and other older relatives you have, it is also an educational institution where they can get degrees in science, politics, and other academic disciplines.

Here’s how you can tell if your tito and tita have studied or are currently taking up classes at Social Media University.

They reject and resent credible news sites.

Months of scrolling through their Facebook feed has brought them to the eye-opening realization that mainstream media is being paid to spread lies and fake news. Rappler and ABS-CBN are a few of their archenemies. The closest thing they have to a reliable source of information is the posts of their fellow graduates. They also have their so-called ‘History Vloggers,’ which is one of the most in-demand jobs in their field.

Their favorite color is yellow.


They absolutely adore the color yellow. ‘Yellow” by Coldplay is their favorite song. If they could paint the world yellow, they certainly would! Want proof? Talk to your tito or tita and tell them how much you want yellow to dominate the Philippines– the universe, rather.

Oh, since we live in the Philippines, call it ‘dilaw.’ Tell them your heart bleeds ‘dilaw’ and see their reaction.

They love quoting each other.

Social Media University’s strong culture of love and support has bestowed upon its graduates the habit of copying each other’s words to prove a point. CTTO, which stands for Credits To The Owner, is a pretty popular slang in their community.

They’re too intense in the comment section.


You can usually find them waging a keyboard war in the comments on a post by GMA News or TV5, especially if the subject is politics. A lot of times, you’d also see them trash-talking the students of their rival university, UP Diliman.

Their meme game can be improved.

Although they’re aggressive most of the time, they try to be funny, too. Unfortunately, their school has failed to expose them to quality memes so when they do one, it falls flat.

What we can suggest to Social Media University is to include the basics of graphic design in their curriculum so they can better express their thoughts visually. And also, sentence construction 101. Some of them need that, as well.

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Do you have a relative who’s a graduate of Social Media University? How is your relationship with them?

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