Anyone who has played Among Us with friends knows how devastating it is to be falsely accused of being the impostor and get voted out of the game. To borrow a line from an old rap song popularized again by Tiktok, it really hurts!

If you have managed to stay breathing after this terrible event, here are some tips on how to rise up from the ground and avenge yourself against the people who ruined your life.

Accuse them, too.


The easiest and most obvious way of handling this ordeal is by doing them one better. Hurt them back the way they hurt you. Manipulate the other crewmates into voting out your previous accuser, so they’ll know the pain and the life-altering struggle of being tossed out of the plane by mistake.

I mean, sure, the friendship is already irreparably broken, and you’re scarred for life, but the only way to return them the favor is by making them suffer the exact same way you did.

Practice Muay Thai.


Considering the pandemic, you still have a long time to prepare before you meet your ex-friends who betrayed you and threw you into a lake of lava. Use this lockdown period to better your combative skills. One of the easier types of martial arts is Muay Thay.

Let’s say the time comes and you come face-to-face with these ugly souls you used to call your “friends”. If there are, let’s say, eight of them and you’re all by yourself, you can try to take down the weaker ones first, and then work your way on the rest. Don’t worry: these assholes will have been too busy lying in their couch messing with other people’s lives on Among Us just like what they did to you; they won’t have the physicality and endurance to square up with someone who’s been building muscles and mastering the Jab – Cross – Slip – Cross – Hook – Rear Body Kick combo.

Cut ties with them.


If you’re not the confrontational kind of person and you’re used to dealing with enemies the passive-aggressive way, you can simply remove yourself from the lives of these disgusting creatures. Well, they initiated the war, so you don’t need to have second thoughts about ghosting them.

Block them on socials. Delete them from your contacts. Move somewhere far from the Metro and don’t let anyone know about your new address. All you have to do is just turn around and never look back. Let these losers spend the rest of their life in guilt and shame. Life is much better without toxic people.

Succeed in life.


The cliched line, “Success is the best form of revenge,” is more applicable than ever in today’s Among Us- infested world. If you don’t want to meet the fire with more fire, you can just prove your haters wrong by being the best version of yourself. Work hard to achieve your dreams so when you’ve reached the top, you can look down on your ex-friends and have the last laugh. Promise, they’ll beg you for a second chance. It’s just up to you now if you’ll forgive them. It will be understandable if you won’t.

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